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Our #1 goal at Hilltop Kia is to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase experience and service; before and after the sale. Here is what some reviews and testimonials from our customers had to say:

"Would buy a vehicle here any day of the week" 

I would buy a vehicle here any day of the week!

Mr. Carlos Orozco is the guy to talk to. Pleasant, honest, low pressure. The stress was taken out of the whole experience and restored faith in not only me but my wife who despises car shopping. We had a good idea of what we wanted, and there was no pressure whatsoever from Mr. Orozco in getting a vehicle that met our needs. Other dealerships could learn something from Hilltop Ford/Kia, specially from Mr. Orozco! And the price... well lets just say that we met our budget, and we got a great deal and more than fair on our lease.

They've got a surprisingly good selection and you can tell this is no hooptie lot. If you're looking for a beater or tweaker car, (you know what I mean) this probably isn't the place for you. If you're looking for a down to earth family oriented business with top quality vehicles, go here Hilltop Ford/Kia. One other great thing is you get to see both KIA and Ford products side by side which is unique that they carry both lines. Finance explains your options but doesn't hard sell you on fabric protection and things like that. I'm glad I went with them and was able to support a local business.

A big shout out to "Moe", although he almost make me lose it in the beginning, but was forgiven at the end of the sale. He took the time to show the wife everything on her new car!!

Long story short, come check them out
Richard R., from Yelp

"Hilltop Kia is the place to go" 

Looking for a KIA, Hilltop KIA is the place to go!

We had the pleasure of working with Moe when purchasing our Kia Telluride. This was our first new car purchase in over 10 years and Moe made things super easy for us, especially since we don't live near Hilltop KIA. We mainly communicated through email & text and Moe was very responsive and clear in his answers.

When it came to picking up our Telluride, Moe presented all of the options/services available to add on with no pressure of having to get them. After signing a few paperworks with Moe (done in under 30 mins), he sent us to the finance building where we had the pleasure of working with Noel Ong. Again, presented all of the options/services we could add with 0 pressure in needing to get them.

Not having bought a car in a long time & hearing about sketchy stories and sales people, Moe & the Hilltop KIA team made this an easy and comfortable car buying experience! Would HIGHLY recommend heading to Hilltop KIA!

BONUS: a few days after bringing our car home, Moe texted & emailed just checking in on how we are liking the car and if we have any questions, that we could always reach out to him. EXCELLENT SERVICE!

THANKS again MOE & Hilltop KIA!
Jeffrey M., from Yelp

"Very courteous" 

The Hilltop staff was very courteous and professional throughout the entire sale process.

Moe was my salesman and kept me fully in the loop about everything during the entire process. He was friendly, attentive, and very punctual with emails. Thank you Moe!

I also appreciate being able to sign my contract digitally. Pickup time for the vehicle was dramatically reduced because of it, and we were out of the dealership within 30 minutes.

If you're looking for a vehicle, Hilltop is the place to go and also, ask for Moe (no pun intended). Lol
Erayna G., from Yelp

"Drove from LA to Richmond and it was a breeze" 

Picked up a Telluride from Moe. Easy transaction. Drove from LA to Richmond and it was a breeze. Everything went smooth and it Moe was very helpful along the way.
Jorge M., from Yelp

"Nothing but positive" 

Working with Lewis at the moment on getting a Telluride ordered. So far my experience has been nothing but positive. Out of all the Kia dealers that I've talked to throughout CA, this has been the only dealer that has been willing to work with me on getting the exact Telluride I'm looking for and not screwing me over with a market adjustment just because they feel like they can.

Kia's more recent cars have taken a huge jump in quality, but Kia dealers across the board still act like all they sell are fortes. This dealer is setting a higher standard for all Kia dealers and should be applauded for it. At the corporate level, Kia really should be setting standards for their dealers so that we as customers do not need to look for the "good dealers" and the "shady dealers".

Looking forward to receiving my ride when it comes, and will update this review when that happens!
Kevin W., from Yelp

"Went above and beyond" 

I just got my first car at this dealership and Raoul was the best, when going through the process! Raoul took his time to show us the cars we were interested in, stayed late, drove the car into the dealership so we can see the color, since it was dark when we got there. Overall, Raoul went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience! Also big thanks to Carlos with helping us complete our transaction, he made sure we got a good deal!
Jalilah S., from Yelp

"Fastest car buying experience ever" 

Moe did an amazing job getting us approved for the Ford Explorer that my husband wanted. He was very consistent, communicative and understanding. Made us feel very supported and very patient while we weighed out our options. The easiest and fastest car buying process EVER! We will definitely refer family and friends to your dealership. Happy Holidays!
Joy B., from Yelp

"Great customer service" 

Moe was our salesman and he gave us a great customer service experience. He was upfront, replied quickly and listened to everything we wanted. It was a pleasure doing business with him to purchase our new telluride. Would def go back to Moe and highly recommend him. Exceptional service.
Michelle N., from Yelp

"Least stressful car buying experience ever" 

There aren't enough good things to say about Moe at hilltop Kia. He's amazingly helpful - going above and beyond with his customer service. I know months after buying my car, I can always reach out to him with questions and he will always respond within minutes. I will also say that this was the easiest, least stressful car buying experience ever. I was in and out within one hour. No pressure. Easy. Highly recommend Moe and the entire hilltop Kia team!
Rina J., from Yelp

"We will be back" 

I recommend John Tomahn for his integrity and expertise in selling a car. He sold me my 2021 K5 Gt line. He effectively communicated, provided excellent customer service and got me the best deal on my car. This was not my first rodeo buying a car however, it was the first time that I felt like I wasn't being sold a car, more like being informed about a future purchase. Thank you John for your time and dedication to making this work for me and my family. I'm sure we will be back in the near future for another purchase.  

Future customers, if you are looking for a diverse and respectful environment to purchase your next vehicle , go and see the brothers at Hilltop Kia.
Patrick T., from Yelp

"I would absolutely do business with them again" 

Wanted a Telluride and shopped around quite a bit, probably reached out to every Kia dealer in the bay area and valley.  Tellurides are hard to get and even harder to not pay a hefty markup.  Reached out to Hilltop Kia and Moe responded.  He explained the situation to me and was patient in explaining my options.  We ended up putting in an order with them.  The car finally arrived after a seriously long wait, no fault of theirs.  They made the buying process very simple and easy, none of the usual back and forth.  Very clear on pricing, fees, financing, etc.  Traded in a vehicle and they offered me about what I expected to get based on all my research.  I am pretty OCD so I spent quite some time gathering information.  I always second guess myself after a deal but with Hilltop Kia I had no regrets.  I WOULD ABSOLUTELY DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN.  Moe was my primary contact but was not there on the day my car came in so I dealt with his colleague that I forgot the name of(sorry, I'm bad with names), but I have his card and will hold on to it for sure, he was stellar.  Lewis was also a great help as well as their financing colleague.  Everyone top to bottom was very helpful and nice and I never had a suspicious feeling that buying a car can sometimes give you.  I know this review sounds a little too good to be true but I am not embellishing or exaggerating.  Do yourself a favor and contact them and find out for yourself!
Philip H., from Yelp

"Friendly staff" 

Professional, courteous, friendly staff here in Kia service department. Came in after having my new 2021 Telluride for a little over a month. Couple of minor trim issues being looked at.
My service advisor Manny was incredibly patient, listening to my concerns and finding a fix.
Was offered a rental when I first came in, not needed I'll wait a few hours and come back if needed.
There's a Kia dealership closer to me. I live in San Francisco, but this is where we purchased and the staff here are stellar.
If you're looking for a car and want a good group of people to help you, this is the place
Shawn P., from Yelp

"There was no pressure" 

This review is long over due!! Recently bought my 2021 Seltos from Kia in Hilltop. Moe was my salesman and he is GREAT!! He explained everything to me in detail,  there was no pressure, he was patient while I made my decision. The process from start to finish was quick, and easy. The document signing is all electronic and you walk away with a usb with all your documents. This is my second Kia I have bought from them and will keep going back!
Thank you team Hilltop Kia!!
Antoinette T., from Yelp

"Excellent buying experience" 

We had an excellent buying experience with Moe! Moe is a good guy, transparent about the process and price of the vehicle, didn't try to sell us things we didn't want/need, quick and efficient. He communicated very well with us via phone call, email and text. We were surprised as to how fast with got our Telluride and he sent a photo of it as soon as it arrived on the lot. We are very happy with the entire experience and with our family car. Thank you, Moe!!!
Gerri M., from Yelp

"Completely straightforward" 

We picked up our SX from Moe at Hilltop Kia yesterday, and it was easily the best car buying experience I have ever had by a long shot. From start to finish I was out of the dealership in less than an hour. No pressure, no hidden fees or upsells. A completely straightforward Telluride purchase at MSRP. In California nonetheless, which is pretty much unheard of. The paperwork was all done electronically, and I was handed a thumb drive at the end instead of 4 feet of messy contracts. An impressive touch.

Moe was impressively prompt and helpful throughout the 2.5 month wait, and even went the extra mile to prep the car for delivery in what was a borderline unreasonable amount of time.  all the way!
Brendon S., from Yelp

"Friendly & quick" 

Moe helped us with our sale & it was a great experience. Moe was friendly & quick. The most straightforward easy & fast transaction I've ever had buying a car.
Gina M., from Yelp

"Best car buying experience ever" 

I just bought a telluride at Hilltop Kia and it was the best car buying experience i've ever had!  Moe was a great sales man, very helpful, easy to work with, and most importantly honest and great about communicating.  I ordered the Telluride with Moe in July and the amount i paid last week was exactly what he told me I would pay in July (bought it at MSRP).  In addition, from when I placed the order in July to when I picked up the car last week, Moe would give me updated ETA times.  I had the same experience with the finance manager, Garnett, easy to work with and honest.  No one at Hilltop tried to upsell me or gave me misleading information.  I would highly recommend Moe & Garnett at Hilltop Kia
Gibi G., from Yelp

"Fantastic experience" 

I had a fantastic experience at Hilltop Kia. I recently purchased a 2021 Kia Telluride. If you aren't familiar with the Telluride it is a newer SUV from Kia that is in high demand.

I had the pleasure of working with Raoul Fulcher Jr. Most of my communication with Raoul was via phone, email, and text messages. The car was an order that was delayed due to Covid. Raoul constantly updated me on the status of the vehicle and it's estimated arrival. Communicating with Raoul was easy and seamless and he was always quick to reply to any questions I had. When the vehicle arrived, I got to meet Raoul in person and he was every bit as awesome as he was over the phone.

When going over all the options for the vehicle both Raoul and the sales manager, Carlos Orozco, provided me with all the options and explained them to me. There was no pressure to sign up for extended warranties or add extra options. They simply explained all the options to me thorougly and allowed me to make the decision.

Finally, when signing the paperwork I had the pleasure of working with Finance Manager, Noel Ong. Noel explained all paperwork to me and also presented me with all the options for financing and maintenance, including the service package. Once again, there was no pressure to sign up for anything, Noel just provided me with the options and answered any questions I had. I took the service deal because it's a great deal!

If you're in the Bay Area and looking for a Kia (or Ford for that matter) I highly recommend going to Hilltop Ford/Kia and asking for Raoul Fulcher Jr. Raoul even reached out to me several days later to ask how my family was enjoying the new car! Top notch service all around from Raoul, Carlos, and Noel!
Paul M., from Yelp

"Saved us a lot of headache" 

I had been looking for a Kia Telluride for over a month with little to no luck. Either dealers didn't have it or they wanted $5-10k over MSRP or we would have had to order or wait for one for over two months. I had been in contact with probably at least 20+ dealers throughout California, the west coast and the country.

That's when Moe at Hilltop Kia came to our rescue. He had been active in the Kia Telluride web forums and said he would sell it for MSRP (a rarity amongst California and most national dealers). I followed up with him and, amazingly, he was expecting one in that perfectly fit our color and trim needs. He said he'd honor the price. He took my credit card for a deposit, but told us we didn't need to charge it nor fill out any paperwork, it was ours when it came in. Now, that made me a little nervous, not having any thing but Moe's word on it, but that was all we needed.

Incredibly, the car came in two weeks early, the day after we called him! As we were in LA at the time and not in the Bay Area, we asked if he could keep it at the lot for a couple weeks until we could make our way up north. His manager gave the ok on this, which saved us a lot of headache over how to retrieve our car. In the meantime, I was still nervous about it being sold to some desperate Telluride seeker willing to pay $10k over asking. But everything went exactly as Moe said.

It was ready for us on the day we rolled into town, washed and cleaned, and we paid MSRP, as promised, for it. We love our new ride and Moe has a lifelong fan in us now. Ask for Moe, accept no substitutes!
Brent H., from Yelp

"Pleasure to work with" 

If you're in the market for a new or used Ford or Kia in the Bay Area, Moe at Hilltop Kia / Ford is simply the best. Today was our 4th vehicle we have got from Moe, and we won't go anywhere else. Moe is a pleasure to work with every time, literally has made time for us day or night, running numbers for us, looking up info, have never in my life had anyone in a sales department go out of his way like he has. Moe has forever earned our trust and business, and he should have yours too! Thanks again Moe!
Cameron M., from Yelp

"Very easy experience" 

I just bought a car from Hilltop, and it was a very easy experience. I spoke to several of the salespeople on the phone before purchasing, and each time they were courteous and helpful. Plus they ultimately gave me a great price. After some less-than pleasant experiences elsewhere, I was happy to find the exact car I wanted there, where the customer service was great from the start. Moe was excellent to work with, as were Noel, Carlos, and Shawn.

Hoping that my new Kia holds up well!
Aliyah K., from Yelp

"True professional" 

Last week I received my brand new beautiful Kia Sportage. I love it! But the best part of the experience was working with Raoul Fulcher. Due to the Covid situation & after doing some research on my auto choices, I decided to do this from home. Raoul could not have made it easier & is an expert at home & "hands free" delivery.  During the process he was patient & never "pushy" either...and acted more as a consultant to me!
Raoul went above and beyond to get me exactly what I wanted down to
my first choice of interior...without me asking!! Raoul is pleasant, responsive & a true professional. Thanks, Raoul & Hilltop Kia!
Linda G., from Yelp

"Superb salesman" 

I got a new car!!  2021 KIA  K5.  This is the second car I've purchased from this dealership once again the complete experience was fantastic.  Raul was a superb salesman the car I wanted was not in stock at this location.  Raul  went the extra mile to locate my car and have it delivered to me.  

Mr. Garnet Thompson financial Manager quickly finished the process with all of his super fancy high tech equipment.  The complete team made my second purchase even more wonderful than my great experience I had the first time.   I lost my beautiful black Kia Optima SXL Turbo on Arch Friday the 13th but with my purchase of my new Sleek and sexy blackKia K5 I'm back in love again!,!  

Thank y'all
Jacqueline C., from Yelp

"Buying process was Fast and easy" 

Moe took great care of us. We purchased a Telluride and anyone who knows about that vehicle knows practically all dealerships are charging markups. Hilltop Kia did not. He was straight forward and honest about everything plus he's very knowledgeable. When our car finally came in, the buying process was fast and easy. We were treated like family and that's why we continue to come back for business. When you come to Kia, definitely ask for Moe!
Veronica H., from Yelp


I would not give a 5 star review if it was not for Raoul. Raoul made the car buying experience more tolerable with his courtesy and genuine pleasantness. The dealership as a whole I was not impressed with. Especially on the middle to upper management side.
Gabriel H., from Yelp


I recently purchased a 2020 Telluride. I spoke with several local Bay Area dealers and all of them were marking up MSRP anywhere from $3k-$7K due to the level of demand.  

I was ready to put down a deposit with a dealer when I received an email from Moe at Hilltop Kia which clearly stated in the subject line "No mark up. I have one available."  

I reached out to Moe but thought this was going to be some kind of "bait-and-switch" approach.  But Moe was no nonsense over the phone.  He described to me the two Tellurides that were being delivered to the dealership within the next few weeks.  He quickly followed up by emailing me the window stickers for each vehicle.  Again, I questioned him about the dealer mark-up above MSRP.   He assured me that there was no mark-up.  I came down later that day to put down a $1000 deposit.  That process took 10-15 minutes.  It gave me the opportunity to meet Moe and one of the dealer's Finance Managers, Noel Ong, in person.  They were both friendly and straightforward.  It was refreshing.

As I waited for my Telluride to arrive at Hilltop Kia, I went back to the previous dealers I spoke with and shared that Moe was not marking up the MSRP.  They were in disbelief and they refused to come down to the MSRP.  Further, they emphasized that I would likely "pay for it on the back end" via warranties, maintenance plans, upsells, etc.  

Less than two weeks later, I received a text from Moe with a photo of my Telluride sitting on the dealer lot.  I went down to pick it up and fully expected Moe to upsell me on an extended warranty plan or a maintenance package.  None of that.  He just asked me the following:  
1) Are you leasing or purchasing?
2) How long of a term?
3) How much are you putting down?
3) Do you want to take a cash rebate or go with a lower interest rate?
4) Are you interested in an extended warranty or maintenance package?  If so, which one?

There was no pressure from Moe or his team to steer me into a specific product.  I think it helped that I basically knew how I wanted to structure the deal beforehand.  Moe respected that. He didn't push it and he didn't waste my time.  We got through that portion in less than 30 min.  

From there I just had to complete the title, transfer & registration paperwork with the Finance team.  This process was really the only negative part of my experience.  Unfortunately, there was only one finance person working that day and there were four other buyers in front of me. I waited a LONG TIME just waiting to get the paperwork completed.  While Moe could have gone home, he stuck around through the completion of the paperwork to thank me and send me off.

Despite that, I still had a great experience with Moe at Hilltop Kia.  He was professional, straightforward, not pushy, and he respected my time (and my preferences).  I would highly recommend Moe to my friends & family and I would certainly do business with him again.  He stood out in comparison to the other dealers I was speaking with.  Highly recommended!
Ron M., from Yelp

"Rare combination" 

When you wish to learn more about the best-value EV and Plug-In Hybrid EV on the market at a reasonable price, there is one place to go: Hilltop Kia, and there is one person to see: Moe.  He is that rare combination of enthusiasm, knowledge, honesty and the ability to listen to the customer. I have rarely enjoyed the car-shopping experience, but this is the exception: a well-stocked dealer with great friendly staff.  Call Moe.
David K. - Corte Madera, CA
David K., from Yelp

"Very professional" 

Terrific dealer. Highly recommended. Very professional. Especially Carlos and Jon. Bought a Seltos from them.
Larry E., from Yelp

"Easy and transparent" 

I dread car servicing because I don't know much about cars and have no way of knowing whether the services proposed are actually what I need, or upsells. After putting it off forever, I was thrilled with how easy and transparent it was at Hilltop Kia. I was able to call ahead of time to understand what was needed, the estimate was reasonable and accurate, service was quick and friendly. What I most appreciated was that David went out of his way to answer all of my questions about what services the car would need next, how much they would cost, etc. Instead of feeling out of my element, I left better understanding my car and grateful for the help.
Julie K., from Yelp

"Courteous and offered safe services" 

Recently purchased a used Kia and brought it here for my post purchase inspection. They were so courteous and offered safe services during COVID-19. I also really appreciated the online payment/invoicing portal that is available.
Racene J., from Yelp

"Made you feel comfortable" 

Need a car go see Rahul and Carlos these guys were AWESOME!! Told them exactly what I was looking for and they were able to get my deal worked out. They were super cool not demanding at all!! Made you feel comfortable and made sure you were leaving the dealership with everything you wanted. Definitely the place to go. After doing my research for over 6 months on the kind of car I wanted landing here completely sealed the deal for me.
Anii A., from Yelp

"Never pushy" 

Phil Cooper was great.  Getting car always seems to be a headache. But with Phil it really wasn't.   He would follow up but never pushy.  Made the whole process pretty seamless.  Very honest and so pleased with his service.  We will definitely come back when we need another car and work with Phil.  You can't go wrong with asking for Phil for your next car purchase/experience.Thank you again!
Stephanie J., from Yelp

"Professional, pleasant and knowledgeable" 

The lease was expiring on my 2016 Kia. While waiting for the last service to be done on the vehicle, I met Phil Cooper in the sales lot. He offered to let me test drive a 2020 Kia Soul and take it to Benicia to see if my husband could fit in it. There was no strong-arm pressure from Phil at all. He was professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. We are extremely happy with the deal we struck for a new lease and even happier with our new Soul. Thank you, Phil, for making the transaction so painless.
Linda F., from Yelp

"Friendly and helpful" 

Worked with Raoul and he was very friendly and helpful, walking me through the features of the model I was interested in, and answering all my questions patiently. Would definitely recommend to my friends.
Jian C., from Yelp

"Excellent customer service and attentiveness"

Like everyone who's had an experience with Moe, I had a very satisfying transaction! I have a tendency to be wary, and I did shop around before I finally decided on purchasing this car from hilltop Kia, and it was because of the excellent customer service and attentiveness of Moe!

I had called around to a lot of Bay Area dealerships asking for a Kia Sportage LX AWD in white. All the other dealerships said they did not have it or they had it in an alternate color. Moe was the only one that took the extra step of calling the Kia supplier and seeing if I had the car I wanted. He was able to find my car and in the color I wanted!

The other reason I purchased from him is I got it at the price and the monthly that I was looking forward to. Moe has got my patronage for this and future cars. I look forward to referring him to all my friends and colleagues.Again, excellent service and the one quality that a salesman should have is the ability to listen, Moe has in spades. A very professional and no B.S. Salesperson. Thank you for all of your assistance Moe, I look forward to buying my next car from you in the future. :-)
Carlo M., from Yelp 

"On-time no hassle"

I had an awesome experience getting my Kia serviced here. A gentleman named Omar helped me get the repairs I needed. In the past, I've had lots of issues with service representatives trying to scam me out of my money by giving me the run around about costs, but with Omar it was different. He was professional, friendly, polite and honest. If you are looking for high-quality service and peace of mind, I highly recommend you ask for Omar to help you with your vehicle. He got my car back to me on-time with no hassle. I definitely will be returning here with my Kia next time.
Sasha T., from Yelp

"Patient and knowledgeable"

I did extensive research before deciding to buy a Kia Soul, including test driving several used and new models at almost every Kia dealer in the Bay Area. Throughout the process there was one dealership that stood out amoungst the rest -- Hilltop Kia. Lewis was both patient and knowledgeable as well as pleasant and friendly. I never felt rushed or pressured and he was available to answer all my follow up questions to help me navigate the process of buying a car. Today I went back to personally thank him and he wasn't in. Instead I was greeted by Raoul who was equally friendly and incredibly helpful - answering my myriad of questions and actually taking the time to help me set up some features on my infotainment. Together, they made the process of buying a car painless and I highly, highly recommend this dealership!
Victoria R., from Yelp

"Highly recommend the team"

I had a great experience working with the team at Hilltop Kia and recommend the team if you are looking for a great deal on a new car. I first received correspondence from Phil Cooper who was both timely, friendly and not pushy on any questions that I had shared over email/phone. Then when I came in I had a great experience with Moe who walked me through the entire process and made the transaction/financing part easy. Highly recommend the team here if you are looking for a great deal!
Abe S., from Yelp

"Friendly and professional"

Moe kept in touch with me on line so that when I was ready to buy I wrote back and asked if he had a Kia Soul like the one I described. He did.  I went in the next day and bought it.  Moe was so friendly and professional and made the entire experience easy and enjoyable.  Just what I wanted and I love my new Kia!
Susan S., from Yelp

"Genuinely impressed"

This was my first time at dealership and I'm genuinely impressed. Moe stayed after his shift to help me and continued to be patient, informative and accommodating. I truly did not anticipate on driving off with a car but I couldn't be happier. The customer service and overall experience was excellent. I highly recommend visiting Hilltop Kia.
Faith V., from Yelp

"Efficient, diverse and well staffed"

Came here with my mom to get her Sorento serviced while doing some car shopping for myself. Definitely want to get a Kia after seeing how efficient, diverse, and well staffed the dealership is.
Lauren S., from Yelp

"Look her up if you are looking into a car at Kia Hilltop."

Julissa Austin was incredible help in assisting me to test drive the Kia Soul. I drove it a few days in a row. She was extremely patient and informative about the new features this car had to offer. After I purchased it, she took the time to explain all the technological details, which was more then helpful. Look her up if you are looking into a car at Kia Hilltop.
Janet L., from Yelp

"Ready on Time and Repaired Properly"

This time the service technician did a thorough job investigating and explaining the issues, provided a couple options to solve it, and proactively fixed a few small things without charging us. Car was ready on time and repaired properly.
Fredrik A., from Yelp

"Easiest Car Purchase We've Had"

It was the easiest car purchase we've had (and we have bought many cars). The financing person (I forget her name!) was incredibly nice and thorough as well. We would absolutely recommend Moe to anyone looking for a Kia or a Ford, plus he said they have a lot of used cars there as well.
Mary T., from Yelp

"Made Our Purchase Effortless"

Phil at Kia Hilltop made our purchase effortless. I had been researching cars online for about a month and knew what I needed in a car to make my driving to and from work comfortably and enough room to fit the family. Phil was able to find the exact Sorento I was looking for down to the color with only asking us 2 questions.
Jennifer M., from Yelp

"Pleasant Experience"

I had a pleasant experience with everyone at the dealer. Super low-key and they were very accommodating to my needs.
Jennifer C., from Yelp

"Great Experience at Hilltop Kia"

I had a great experience at Hilltop Kia. The test drive was set up quickly, and my salesperson Julissa had a lot of knowledge about the car, which is a brand new model. Since I bought the Niro EV I was expecting to pay MSRP and happy not to be subjected to a "high-demand markup", like the *other new EV* dealer down the street (who, notably, did not get my business). The whole team, including the sales manager and the finance manager Noel, were friendly and efficient. Highly recommend.
Margery L., from Yelp

"Nothing But The Best!"

Nothing but the best! I have been to many other dealerships for maintenance, and none compare.
Jerelle M., from Yelp

"Friendly, Knowledgable, Honest"

The sales people are friendly, knowledgeable, and honest. The honesty part is a rare quality at car dealerships.

I bought a Kia Niro EV model, which had just come on the market. I originally was trying to buy it through another dealer closer to my home. However, that dealer claimed this vehicle is "in such high demand" that I would have to pay $4,000 above the MSRP price.

At Hilltop, I met with Terrance, Ray, and sales manager Vercy Jones. I was delighted that immediately they were willing to sell it for MSRP with none of the dreaded negotiations I've endured with other dealers. I'm delighted with their high level of service and would recommend them to anyone looking for a Kia.
Tom D., from Yelp

"Very Courteous and Professional"

It was a great visit.. took care of my needs.. very courteous and professional and they also washed my car that's amazing thank you so much KIA for always taking care of me.
Mary D., from Yelp

"100% Happy Customer"

I was nervous about coming into the dealer knowing sales men are usually very pushy but Moe was amazing, had the best experience he was so helpful and thanks to him was able to leave with a 2019 Forte. Thank you Moe for all your help truly phenomenal, 100% happy customer.
Cristina P., from Yelp

"Attentive, Responsive, No-nonsense"

We bought our Kia Soul back in 2014. This week we came back and purchased a new Kia Sorento. We could not be happier. Moe was attentive, responsive, and no-nonsense: he understood our needs, presented the options, made thoughtful recommendations, and walked us through the process. He was knowledgeable, honest and helpful throughout. He was available after hours to answer questions and provide advice. No hint of the smooth talking, up-selling or complacency we've seen at some other dealerships. Within two short visits we left with the car we wanted and a positive experience. Thanks, Moe!

The service department at Hilltop Kia has been equally professional and dependable over the years. Same goes for everyone else we've interacted with: finance, accounting, even the shuttle drivers. We are very happy customers!
Gilad A., from Yelp

"Responsive and Responsible"

I worked with Moe at Kia Hilltop and in 24 hours came to agreement on a fantastic Kia Niro with the premium package. Moe was incredibly responsive and responsible. He listened, provided useful information and communicated a commitment to service that was both genuine and helpful. And he said when the deal was done that this was not the end but the beginning of a service relationship for whenever I needed help or further assistance.  Wow!
Alan B., from Yelp

"Knowledgeable and Straightforward"

We dropped in on a Friday night to buy a Niro plug-in EV. The folks we dealt with here were knowledgeable about all of the vehicles and all of the systems in the car. In the end we drove of with what I felt was a straightforward and fair deal. In addition to being generally surprised at how nice Kia cars have become, I would recommend this particular dealer. We dealt with Louis, who was great.
Chris P., from Yelp

"Best Ever Dealership Experience"

The entire experience at Hilltop Kia was the best ever at a dealership (we're in our '70s, so that covers many years and many cars). Our salesperson Moe is knowledgeable, honest, warm, and down-to-earth, never imposing any pressure to do anything. He walked us through the process of leasing (a first for us) and very clearly laid out the rebates available, plus the pros and cons of various trim levels. Once we had leased our Kia Niro, he very patiently helped us set up all the electronic options on the car - most of which were new to us. He walked us through the service department and explained that process. He gave us his cell phone number and encouraged us to call or visit anytime we had questions. he took such good care of us and created a feeling of trust that is quite unique in our car-buying experience. Moe - you are the best!
Mary E., from Yelp

"Welcoming and Nice"

Such a welcoming dealership. This is the first time we've ever checked out a Kia and everyone was very nice from the moment we walked it. Vercy was awesome, he made us feel right at home. Then Moe showed us around and is very knowledgable of the products. Moe made sure he was with us every step of the way. And because of Vercy and Moe's teamwork, my husband and I became new Kia owners. Also can't forget how easy it was to deal with the financial side, thanks to William. Overall experience was great and would definitely recommend this place.
Virna C., from Yelp

"Very Helpful, No Drama"

Nice dealership. One of the very few dealerships where salesmen aren't scumbags. Phil was very helpful and helped me schedule a second test drive with no drama. Can recommend this to any KIA buyer.
Sasanka P., from Yelp

"Honest and Knowledgeable"

The team at Hilltop are really first rate. They went the extra mile to get me in to my new Stringer GT at a price I could afford. Special shout out to Moe! Super nice guy, honest, and knowledgeable about the vehicle and the lease process. I highly recommend going down to see Moe at Hilltop if you're in the market for a Kia.
Todd B., from Yelp

"Great and Positive Experience"

Thank you Moe for your service. I had a great and positive experience from Moe as well as from Garnett. I love my new Kia Optima EX.
Janel R., from Yelp

"Confortable in the Process of Negotiations"

Bought my 2018 Kia Optima with 20 Miles from here. First car from a dealership. I'm in love with the car rides great and great accessories! Shout out to Carl for the help! Made me feel comfortable in the process of negotiations and is great man a heart!
J T., from Yelp

"Terrific Experience"

Moe was terrific! He got me what I wanted at a price I wanted with no hassle. He even picked me up after I sold my current car elsewhere and brought me back to the dealership to pick up my new car. He spent at least an hour going over all the new features, till my head was aching and couldn't hold any more. He answered all my questions by phone afterwards. He made himself available for any questions in the future. It was a pleasure dealing with him.
Suzanne K, from Yelp

"Stress-Free Experience"

I came to Hilltop Kia with an idea of what I wanted but was very indecisive.  I was working with Raoul and he is the most patient person I have ever met.  He was understanding and made me feel like I was not just a "$" to his commission structure. Some places are so high pressure you feel the stress just sweat off of the sales guys and that is not the case here.  I will forever buy my cars from Raoul and the dealership he is affiliated with.  I can not stress enough how amazing I felt after driving away with what I considered to be a good deal and a stress-free experience.  Thanks Raoul for everything!
Ann P., from Yelp

"Salesmen are Awesome!"

If you are looking and searching for a great car, the Kia Optima has been my favorite! This is my second one and the second one the Moe has helped me with. Moe is awesome! He is not one of those pesky car salesmen that harasses you and does not leave you alone. Moe with do everything he can to find you the car you want, will answer every question you have without sugarcoating anything. It has been a pleasure to work with Moe and there isn't anyone else I would go to to help with purchasing a vehicle!
Andie N., from Yelp

"Exceptional Courtesy"

We have traded in 3 vehicles and purchased 3 from Hilltop Kia since 2011. We've always been treated with exceptional courtesy and felt that the sales and management have worked to keep our best interests as their #1 priority. Special thanks to their excellent Internet Sales Manager,"Moe" Mohammed and Garnett Thompson, Finance Manager, for making our recent Kia purchase a pleasurable transaction.
David B., from Yelp

"Great Service"

Casually shopping some new car options and stopped to check out the Stinger GT that was out on the lot since I was in the neighborhood. Shoutout to the great service I received from the salesperson and his floor manager. No pressure and was well informed about the new model. Able to answer my questions and showed me a bunch of features that I was unaware of. Very relaxed demeanor on our test drive. Still thinking about which model to go with, but if I pick up a Stinger, it'd be from these folks. Thanks!
Michael M., from Yelp

"Great Customer Service"

Before I went to this dealership, I went to other places such as concord Honda, Toyota and Kia. This was my first time buying a car so I asked a lot of questions about the cars I was looking at but the sales guys at all these dealerships didn't provide good customer service. They didn't know much about the vehicle, the features and most importantly give me a good enough deal. I was a little stressed out but that changed when I went to hilltop Kia and talked to Moe. Right off the bat, Moe asked me what I was looking for, my price range and what I liked. He shows my the brand new 2018 Kia Forte I was in love with it after test driving it. We talked numbers and negotiated a good deal. He was willing to negotiate!!! The best part unlike most sales man that don't even try to! I satisfied and happy with my purchase. If your thinking about getting a Kia, talked to Moe!! Great customer service and sales man.
Jasmine M., from Yelp

"Friendly and Knowledgeable"

Hilltop Kia was a friendly and knowledgeable dealership.  Karl was very attentive with no pressure.  Ultimately they let the price do the talking and once Vercy sharpened his pencil they could not be beat.  And then...home delivery of a fresh, new, fully detailed car with a full tank of gas!
Ryan W., from Yelp

"Excellent Service"

It Was the 1st time for us buying a new car in the USA. From the beginning till the end, we had nothing but excellent service by Moe.  I asked a LOT of questions, Moe answered everything respectfully.
Every single person we dealt with at Hilltop Kia was pleasant ( and we bought our car  at the end of the day!!!!) Thank you so much for everybody from Hilltop Kia and ous special thanks to MOE!!!!
Jenny B., from Yelp

"Amazing Customer Service"

A big thank you to moe. He got my little sister her first car! He made the process very easy and he made sure we found a car. Also thank you Carlos for the good deal. I have been getting all my cars from moe and I will continue too!!! Thanks moe and amazing customer service like always!!  I recommend everyone to go see moe. He is great!!
Fabian G., from Yelp

"Low Pressure, Friendly (and Funny)!"

My wife and I just bought a new Kia today. Having never owned a Kia, I can't speak to the quality of the car or service yet. What I can tell you is that if you want a low pressure, friendly (and funny!) car buying experience, go to Hilltop Kia and find a salesman named Lewis Belt. The whole staff that we dealt with was great, but our salesman stood out. At one point during the day, my wife asked "Is it bad that I want this car more than the Honda just because I like Lewis?"  
If the vehicle and the service are as good as the staff, we're going to be very happy with this car.
Greg W. from Yelp

"Feel Confident Giving Them Your Business"

Thank you to Raoul at Hilltop Kia. Highly recommend.  No hassle/no pressure, friendly, professional, excellent customer service. Thanks to Garnett in financing.  Hilltop Kia took care of us. You can feel confident giving them your business.
Leslie K., from Yelp

"Genuinely Helpful"

I leased my Kia Niro yesterday from Hilltop. The experience was solid. Even my parents who joined me were impressed with the service we got and they've dealt with a handful of dealerships in the Bay Area over the years. Be sure to set up an appointment with Moe and he'll take care of you! 

Moe knows what he's talking about and was genuinely helpful (AND not in a pushy or haphazard way as I've come across with other sales people). Even before we took the car off the lot for a spin, he gave us a quick walkthrough of the car and pointed out many key features I would've otherwise missed in my own research. He answered all our questions throughout the drive and upon returning to the dealership. He definitely took the time to make sure it was the right one for me to take home. 

Even in explaining payment options, Moe kept it simple and made it easy to understand. No fuss if I wanted to see different options available. As did the finance specialist we spoke to. No pressure to buy add-ons. Moe even set up android auto and the UVO app with me before we left; I'm pretty sure I'd be watching youtube videos or thoroughly looking up the media guide had this not happened. This is on top of the other appointments he had throughout the day. All in all, a great experience that I'd recommend to others. 
Thanks Moe!!
David C., from Yelp

"Highly Recommend"

I recently lease a Kia w/ Moe at Hilltop Kia and I highly recommend dealing with him.  He is very friendly and knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and to make the experience as quick and efficient as possible. He was willing to take his time and go through all of the features of the vehicle and how to use them, though I was on a time crunch and asked for the expedited version which he accommodated. This dealership is very well run.  The person whoprocessed my paperwork in the finance department also knew exactly what he was doing and made that part of it quick as well.  The manager introduced himself and thanked me on the way out with my new Kia and I also received follow up emails thanking me and checking to see if I had another questions or issues.  I haven't had any issues or follow up questions w/ the car but I would not hesitate to call them if something comes up. Overall a great experience and highly recommended!
Soren K., from Yelp

"Pressure Free Sales"

Moe is great at pressure free sales! He facilitated the purchase of our new Niro plug-in, which we love! He was very knowledgeable about the car and all of its (many) features. The service department has also been easy and painless to work with. Everyone at Hilltop is friendly and professional.
David S., from Yelp

"Always There to Help"

I have being dealing with Moe at Hilltop for 8 years now. I own 4 Kia now. Moe treats me and my family right and is always there to help. I will not deal with any other sales person but Moe and Hilltop Kia. If you are in the market for a car, call Moe. Thank you Moe.
Love S., from Yelp

"Friendly, Informative and No Pressure"

Phillip Cooper helped me out with the test drive and he was great.  Friendly, informative and no pressure. We decided on a different car, but if we ever buy a Kia we definitely will return.
Jimmy P., from Yelp

"Straightforward and Not Aggressive"

Carlos and Louis were super helpful. I tried to buy my second Kia from them (first one was bought from Adam there), but unfortunately they did not have an electric model that was a good fit. Regardless he helped me try them all out and was able to find me a suitable electric (ELR) from their "brother" dealership, Michael Stead Cadillac. His style was totally straightforward and not aggressive (I work in sales). I'd definitely work with him again, and actually asked Michael Stead if they'd give Carlos a piece of the action for locating the car.
Adam M., from Yelp

"Great Experience"

I had a great experience yesterday I got my first car at a great low payments with low credit score thanks to Moe who's helping me build my credit up and for helping me get a good car. He was also really nice. Great customer service!! Thank you Moe!!
Fati R., from Yelp

"Very Knowledgable "

I  had a wonderful experience at Hilltop Kia! I was at the end of my lease and Lewis and Carlos did a wonderful job providing me with options moving forward. I love my Sportage and Forte. Lewis was extremely patient with me and very knowledgeable about the cars, which made me feel at ease. You can't beat a better service oriented group of professionals. I took my Sportage back in to get my guidepoint installed and Kevin in the service department was awesome! I feel confident that if I ever have questions or concerns about my vehicles and future purchases they will get it handled!
Gethsemane P., from Yelp

"Highly Recommend"

A big shoutout to Moe at Hilltop Kia. I bought my Prius back in 2013 (drove many miles to get there, too!), and Moe did a great job. He answered all my questions, and even bought me lunch! Not only that, but he has kept in touch with me for years, even sending me Birthday greetings. Who does that? NOBODY! 
I've never had such great followup, and would highly recommend these guys.
Carol S., from Yelp

"I will forever be grateful"

I want to give a huge shout-out to Moe. He was amazing! I brought my mother with me in to find a new ride, we started with a 2017 Kia Soul. This car was a great car, although I needed to get my credit started Moe made everything possible for me.  I was able to build credit slowly after 6 months and was given an opportunity to get my own car. If it was not fro Moe, I would not have been able to invest for my future. Thank you so much, if you need someone to talk to about cars: this is is the guy! Kind blessings, I will forever be grateful.
Jeanette S. from Yelp

"Amazing and Stress Free"

Amazing and stress free experience at Hilltop Kia with Raoul I highly recommend him! I was really indecisive about the type of car and the color of interior and exterior but he went along with it and I left super happy! Thank you Raoul I was dreading going to buy a car and having to deal with the pressure this was an awesome experience.
Susana M. from Yelp

"Satisfied Customer"

I got a great car today with the help of Moe. From the first phone call, online application, follow up and purchase, he was great.  Knowing how to get you qualified is important so that you customers are satisfied.  Let's just say, Moe handles business. Thanks Moe!! You're the best!!
Michelle D. from Yelp

"Good Experience"

So this is my first review ever on Yelp. I recently purchased a car from Hilltop Kia on Friday.  It was a good experience.  All the staff were professional worked hard to give me a good deal. I recommend coming here and having Moe help you get the best deal for you and in the car that you want. Overall I'll recommend Hilltop Kia for purchasing your next vehicle!
Justiya R. from Yelp

"Wonderful experience"

My wife and I had a wonderful experience buying our new Kia Niro plugin. Our sales manager, Phillip, initially emailed us to let us know they had some in stock. We came to visit Phillip not once but twice to test drive and look over the car. The whole time, we never felt pressured by Phillip. That was something we really appreciated. We eventually negotiated a fair price and made the plunge on putting a deposit on a new Niro arriving in the next couple of weeks. The whole time, Phillip was great at keeping us informed as to the arrival date and what the next steps would be. All in all, buying our new Kia Niro from Hilltop Kia has been the best car buying experience we've had. We highly recommend reaching out to Phillip if you're in the market for a new Kia.
Mike S., from Yelp

"Great experience at Hilltop Ford and Kia"

I love bringing my Kia here for service. Kevin in the service department is awesome! He always gives the best customer service and takes care of you. He is always professional and has such a positive demeanor.  This was the first time he helped me but I've seen him before giving the same great service to others. Wanita is also wonderful! She has helped me in the past and unfortunately didn't get around to the review until now.
So far great experience at Hilltop Ford and Kia. I feel like I'm taken care of every time. That's what keeps me coming back! Thank you Hilltop Ford and Kia.
Marisol G., from Yelp 

"Hilltop Ford/Kia is a great place to buy a car"

These guys are the best. Strongly recommend Louis (Sales Associate) and Garnett (Finance Manager).
Scruffy's Dad, from

"Hilltop made the precess efficient and easy"


Thanks to Moe for making it easy and, dare i say, fun to lease our new Niro PHEV. He took us all the way from a phone inquiry through the final deal, treating us with respect and kindness and providing great service. We initially just wanted to test drive the new model, and he gave us his undivided attention, was very knowledgeable about the car, and ran pricing scenarios. He knew we were just looking, so he gave us no sales pressure at all. When we decided  to go forward, he got us a great deal on one they had in stock when they couldn't find the exact color we wanted. When we picked it up, he took lots of time to explain all the car features and controls. Throughout the whole experience he was friendly, communicated regularly, answered all our questions, and made us feel like valued customers. Shout out to Garnett and the other staff at Hilltop who made the process efficient and easy.

Lisa D., from Yelp

"Professional and Knowledgeable"

Dealing with Moe at Hilltop Kia was a pleasure. We found him friendly and easy to deal with. He is professional and he was very knowledgeable about our Kia Soul ev. Moe made us feel comfortable and confident through whole process of buying our new car.
Robert B., from Yelp

"Great Buying Experience"

I had a great buying experience with this dealership. Raoul Fulcher was very nice and professional and had consistently and conscientiously follow up with me to make sure that everything is going well. I have been twice into the dealership for regular service and have received excellent service.
John D., from Yelp

"Great Service!!"

My first purchase was a 2012 Kia Optima used. I bought from different place. However Raoul Fulcher personally called me the same day I took my car in for service. I showed up the next day and I said I want a brand new black interior and exterior 2018 Kia Optima low interest and he made it happen! I previously had 16% down to 4%!! Great service!! great staff. Highly recommend!!
Beauty F., from Yelp

"Looking for an SUV"
Great service and prices I would definitely recommend this dealer.
Pat, from

"Very helpful, informative and polite..."

If you're looking for a Kia, talk to Raoul.  No high pressure sales techniques here.  He was very helpful, informative and polite to me and my husband. I like the Kia brand, so much that after having mine stolen, I got another one.
Abigail J., from Yelp

"Worth the wait..."

I went in looking for a used car and came out with a brand new one! Excellent service and definitely would go back!
Ashe J., From

"Quick and straight forward experience"

I have been there for KIA Sorento, I was amazed the way they have guided and the shopping experience. The internet sales manager Moe has helped to explain all the features of the car. Been there to purchase EX version and they have offered some good discounts which ended up buying SXL version. Now I love my new beast. Overall very good experience and the transaction was quick and straight forward.
-Ravi., from

"Had an amazing deal and it was all the more pleasurable leasing experience"

We were lucky enough to deal with Moe today and ended up in a brand new 2018 Kia Sorento. We are over the moon with our new vehicle and Moe was completely professional and didn't make us feel pressured to get into a new car that moment. He was considerate of our wants and needs and tried to make the best possible offer there was to make. We left feeling like we had an amazing deal and it was all the more pleasurable leasing experience because of him. If you want someone who is genuine and doesn't add any extra pressure to purchasing a vehicle we recommend going straight to him! Thanks again Moe and congrats on salesman of the month- you deserve it!!
-Lindsay M., from Yelp

"The awesome guys at Kia were the most friendly people to work with"

Luis had me test driving 2 more cars and after that, I knew I'd be buying a car from Kia.  I am now the proud owner of a Kia Rio and could not be any happier.  A huge thank you to Moe, Luis, Carlos and Garnet for making this all possible.  You guys totally Rock!
-Patty C., from Yelp

"They worked hard to get us a good deal and it showed"

Lewis was a pleasure to work with. I had never bought a car before and he was patient, cheerful and made the whole process easy and pleasant. William on the finance team was very patient too. They worked hard to get us a good deal and it showed. We had a weird credit situation (being foreign) and they got us the best deal compared to other dealerships I had been to. 5 stars from a happy customer. Thanks for everything guys!
-Henrique M., from Yelp 

"It was as if he knew exactly what we were looking for"

If your looking to walk away with a car go to Kia and look for Lewis. My mom and I were look to get a  new car. Not only were we able to get a new car but we also were able to get a car we like. Lewis took good care of us it was as if he new exactly what we were looking for.
-Jasmyne B., from Yelp

"They just answered all my questions and helped me do what was best for me!"

Raoul and Edgar are the best! Getting a new car is a big decision so I had A MILLION questions about the whole thing. I took a few days to think it over after my first visit and they were both SO patient with me. They didn't make me feel rushed or uncomfortable, they just answered all my questions and helped me do what was best for me! I was super nervous (I'm leasing for the first time), but they helped me through every part of the process and even followed up with me after to make sure it was going well. 
-Summer H., from Yelp 

"Amazingly helpful"

We had a great experience with Hilltop Kia. Raoul was amazingly helpful and non-pushy, which was a blessing for us, because we hate going into dealerships for that reason. All communication was straight forward and geared towards finding us the car that was right for us and a deal that was comfortable for our budget. Even after we purchased the car Raoul has stayed in touch to answer any questions and to make sure we are happy with the car. My husband and I would both highly recommend Hilltop Kia and Raoul Fulcher.
-Shahrzad K., from Yelp

"I was seriously impressed!"

Just got our new Niro at Hilltop KIA. After a terrifying customer service experience at Toyota (yes, Toyota salesperson, women can know more about cars than our husbands and please treat us like we have brains) Lewis, Carlos, and Moe at Hilltop KIA were a great relief. They don't slather on the sales-pitches, they listen to what you want & what you can offer, and make a good deal and get you all the rebates they can. 

Moe was especially amazing - we're juggling buying a car and our first baby who's 14 weeks old, and he made getting through all the paperwork easy and fast and flexible for our schedule. He even came to our place after baby went to sleep to make sure we got the car we wanted the same day. When we left a few things behind in our trade-in, he saved it for us. While baby was napping in the back seat, he quietly taught us how to use all the computerized aspects of our Niro and to make the best use of it. I was seriously impressed! Thanks, Moe :)
Mer A., from Yelp"Definitely recommend this team!"

"Definitely recommend this team!"

Moe was great, professional, talked to us about all the different variables of the cars we looked at. Carlos was helpful in getting the deal. Garnett was good with the paper work. Definitely recommend this team! Love New Niro!!!!
Tony C., from Yelp

"Overall great experience"

Great experience working with Moe to buy my new car. He took the time to explain all the features of my car and even walked me step by step through the connections between my car and my phone. The finance manage even ran out to call me back in when he found a rebate I was qualified for even though I had already bought my car and was on my way home. Overall great experience at Hilltop Kia.
Kenneth M., from Yelp


First of all let me mention that the Internet Sales Manager Raoul Fulcher Jr. is AMAZING... He worked his magic for me and got me a brand new 2017 Kia Forte on my own, others said I needed a co-signer, GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME !!! Thanks again Raoul & Carlos.
Stephanie P., from Yelp

"Went above and beyond"

My wife recently leased a 2017 Kia Sorento from Hilltop Kia.  She began the process by contacting most Bay Area Kia dealers to see what kind of deal they could put together.  In the end, she leased the exact car at the exact budget.  The main reason for the Yelp review is to state the Raoul Fulcher went above and beyond with his customer service.  Thanks again to everyone at Hilltop Kia as I've had my Kia for one month and I love it!
Charlie C., from Yelp

"Made us feel welcomed and valued"

MOE you rock. Tony and I love our cars. We had the intention of buying one car but ended up buying two cars. We were greeted by Moe when we arrived with a smile and kindness. MOE stayed with us the whole time even after he was suppose to leave for the day.  He was amazing to work with.  He was very helpful with all our of  questions and even laughed at my silly jokes. If you need a new car talk to MOE...
CARLOS, thank you for finding the best pricing and financing for our vehicles. I was amazed when I came in the next day to drop off a title for my trade and you told me u found a lower payment for us. So thankful for you and that dazzling smile. Thank you for making us feel like family. 
Garnett, I don't know how you do it, but you sure do know how to line up that paper in the printer. You made us feel welcomed and valued. Thank you for staying late to finish our paperwork.  
Thank you to everyone behind the scenes that we never met. The ones that worked hard to detail our vehicles so we could leave with shining new cars. The popcorn lady who made us fresh popcorn. Again, Great team. Thank you for all you do.  
We do feel like a part of the Kia family.
-Darrell R., from Yelp

"Really helpful"

I want to thanks MOE for helping me out on buying my second car. He his really helpful and gave me a good deal on my car it was fast and easy. I really recommend this spot they really help you out a lot specially Mr. moe so always ask for him
- Nilson C., from Yelp

"Happy Campers"

At Richmond Kia, my husband and I received the most welcoming experience with our salesman, Raoul Fulcher, he was so patient and kind. He showed us cars  on his lot that were available to us, we saw many, but not my fancy dream Kia. We had a special Kia in mind, RAOUL found the exact color, type I wanted, down to the T.  He called us while we were on vacation and said " I have your car". When we returned from our vacation, sure enough he had my car waiting on us. He patiently and throughly, explained every part of the car to us. We purchase the car that same visit. we were happy campers.  I love my Kia Soul. Two weeks later we purchased another car from Raoul F. he's the best salesman around, believe me, we went to many Kia dealers and were not impressed. Raoul is forever our salesman and he comes highly recommended by many.   
- Delores R., from Yelp

"Very friendly"

Both Mo and Noel gave us excellent service. Very friendly.
-Mark M., from

"Customer service was outstanding"

I had a wonderful experience while shopping for my car. Phil Cooper and Carlos Orozco were fabulous. They were super friendly and their customer service was outstanding. I would absolutely recommend this dealer if you are looking for a pleasant experience while shopping for a new car.
-Tameka, from

"The whole process of buying the was great"

I went to Hilltop Kia to look at  a plug in Kia Optima and I met Moe he is the Internet Specialist and I told him I am looking for a plug in car he was very helpful and told him I am going to shop around for that type of vehicle I ended up. 
Decided to buy a Ford Fusion Energy Platinum so I shop around for the best price and found it in Redwood City so I was going to buy it there I really like Moe and they do sell Ford vehicles next door so ask Moe can you beat this dealer price he came close he put together a package with my trade to make it work I was very happy never made me feel that I was feeling pushed in anyway to buy the car there. The whole process of buying the was great - the finance department was excellent service. Garnett Thompson was very good at his job buying a new car is a team effort at a dealership and this is a championship team. Thanks again I'm very happy with my Ford Fusion Energy.
-John T., from Yelp

"Very happy!"

Raoul and Carlos were absolutely wonderful in helping me get the exact car I wanted!  It took some work, but they did it! This is my fourth Kia from Hilltop - they made this experience fun!  Very happy!!!
-R. A., from Yelp

"Went above and beyond" 

Purchasing a vehicle here was painless.  Raoul is efficient, professional and he does listen to what you want and need (we knew what we wanted and needed) I am very happy. I recommend purchasing here. Carlos and Raoul went above and beyond making sure the whole process is smooth.  I love my new vehicle. what ultimately sold it here instead of any other Kia was the great customer service this is the best experience buying a car. And I imagine one should be as satisfied as we are. Our family is  buying our next vehicle from Raoul and Carlos.
-Emma D., from Google Reviews

"Excellent customer service"

Excellent customer service very attentive to me the salesperson Raoul help me was very nice and considerate the finance process went very smooth I would recommend Hilltop Kia to my friends and family thank you.
-Evelyn R., from 

"Very friendly team!"

The best place to buy or lease a car! Very friendly team! I want to thank you all Kia Hilltop Team. My credit isn't so good but they did the best for me to get a good deal!!!! I am so in love with my brand New Sportage Kia. Thank you!!!!
-Jocilene D., from

"Took the time to walk me through the process"
I had a wonderful experience buying my Kia Soul from Hilltop Kia..Raoul Fulcher was my contact person and he did an awesome job...This was my first time purchasing a car on my own and Raoul took the time to walk me through the process patiently and with great attention to details and he even picked my up from my job in Fairfield!! Now how about that!! Thank you Raoul and Hilltop Kia for my new car!!!
-La Tonya L., from Yelp

"What a pleasure!"

Once again I have had a great experience buying a car from Hilltop Kia in Richmond,CA. I must single out Lewis for his very friendly and patient manner, staying until nightfall to cross all t's and dot all i's to my total satisfaction. Also, kudos to finance mgr Garnett for helping to make it so painless. GONE is the old back and forth games between salesman and  boss 'negotiating'. All I can say is 'What a pleasure!'  Kudos must even go to scheduler Vanessa who cut thru some red tape on a service appointment. HILLTOP Kia has to be the best Kia dealer if not car dealer in the area
-Burt K., from Yelp

"Down to earth process"

I just traded in my 2012 Ford Focus Titanium for a new Kia Niro Touring!

My focus had transmission problems, so I had to let it go before it hurt me in the long run...but Lewis, Maria and Carlos made my experience worth it!

I love my new car. I leased it this time instead of financing it. I never looked into leasing, but Carlos and Maria made it clear and pushed me in the right direction. Both were so kind and patient with me. I never felt pressured, & I've been there (& to ford)  so often I already felt comfortable. 

The day I picked up my Ford Focus from the service department, Jennifer, who helped me in service, took me to Maria because I mentioned I wanted to trade my car in. 

We went to test drive the Niro and I loved it so much. It's like a mini SUV. I'm only 5 feet so it's closer to an SUV for me. Plus it's a hybrid!! 

After the test drive, we went to Carlos and worked up some numbers. I didn't have the down payment at the time, so I told them I'd come back tomorrow. Carlos also told me I wouldn't lose the numbers we worked up if I came in the next day. 

I didn't want it to seem like I was running away. But I wanted to talk to my mom about it first and get her on the same page, as well as get my down payment. 

I definitely did come back the next day! Signed my papers and everything. The finance manager was super nice too but I forgot his name....

All in all, my experience with Ford and Kia were great! I never felt pressured, or like I was in a shark tank or anything. It was smooth and a pretty down to earth process.
-Monique G., from Yelp

"Definitely go back and buy again"

I would like to thank Jerry Jenkins, Carlos Orozco, Lewis Belt, Garnett Thompson, and William A. Waheeb. They all provided excellent service and I would definitely go back and buy again. We love this car dealer!
Amy, from

"Excellent Service"

Great Customer Service. Everyone was AWESOME. I would definitely go back to buy another car. Excellent Service by Jerry Jenkins, Carlos Orozco and Lewis Belt. Also Garnett Thompson and William Waheeb gave great service. Thank you all for a wonderful experience! We LOVE our KIA's!
Octavio, from 

"They listened to me"

This is the second time that I've leased a car from Hilltop Kia. My wife has also leased a car twice from this dealership. I highly recommend Kia because they make an awesome car and I recommend Hilltop Kia specifically because the my make the sometimes scary process of buying a car as easy as it can be. 

This time around I was assisted by Raoul and Vercy. Both men were very knowledgeable about the different cars in stock and the features they offered. 

I think to be a good salesperson you have to listen to and understand your customer's needs and goals. I told Vercy and Raoul that I wanted a Kia Optima with cool features like leather seats, rear view camera and so on, and that I wanted to stay in a certain price range. They listened to me and were ultimately able to achieve my goals. I love my new car!!!

In terms of the car buying experience you have to know that buying a car involves negotiation. This aspect can make the process uncomfortable for many. But I will say that in my experience, it didn't seem that Vercy or Raoul were trying to hustle me. They were fair negotiators that listened to my goals and did everything they could to meet them. In negotiating a price for a car you have to be able to say, "no, I don't want to pay that much", or, "I need a car that has x, y, and z" and I imagine that at some places the dealers get frustrated with the customer asking for too much. But not here. They kept a positive attitude and stayed willing to negotiate. 

I have to mention Garnett in finance as well. He's very helpful and pleasant.
-Rick O., from Yelp

"Made the process streamlined and efficient"

Working with Raoul Fulcher at Hilltop Kia was a perfect way to buy our new Kia Soul! Raoul was extremely knowledgeable about the product, responsive via both email and phone calls and attentive to our unique needs for this new car.  He made the process streamlined and efficient.  We have been drive the car for a few weeks now and LOVE IT!  

The next time you need to buy a new or used car, call Hilltop and ask for Raoul!
-John Paul P., from Yelp

"Helpful and knowledgable"

It was the first time for me buying a new car in the US and I had a great experience. I worked with Moe, he was really helpful and knowledgable and greatly assisted my wife and I in our purchase of a Kia Niro.

The guys in finance were great as well, overall I really recommend Kia Hilltop and most likely will come back for my next purchase.
-Benjamin L., from Yelp

"Made the process straightforward"

I have recently bought a new car from Moe at Hilltop Kia, and he is a terrific guy and a very good consultative salesman. He made the process straightforward, actually he ordered a hard to get new car for me and offered it at a very fair price. He represents Kia extraordinarily well, and they are lucky to have him. I highly recommend Moe as a great, go to guy if you are in the market for a Kia or Ford. Thanks for all the help and service Moe! 
-Larry S., from Yelp

"An exceptional car buying experience"

It was a fantastic car buying experience. Both Raoul and Lewis were very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, patient and low pressure. I did most of my transaction by phone. Upon showing up to the dealership, the Sorento was was freshly cleaned and ready for the test drive. I was in a bit of a hurry as not to tip off my spouse for whom the vehicle was for. When all was said and done, I was in and out in in about an hour and a half and home without suspicion. Thanks again to both gentlemen for an exceptional car buying experience.
-Ernest F. from

"Super nice and informative"

Wooohoo! Highly recommend this dealership!

After having such a horrific experience at a different Kia dealership finding this place was amazing!

I had the pleasure of working with Moe and Carlos at Hilltop Kia to purchase my brand new Optima EX. Right off the bat they were super nice and informative when it came to finding the right car that was suitable for my needs. 

Carlos was such a great help and went above and beyond to make sure I was able to get the best deal and rate! Through out each process he made sure to look out for my best interest and really made me feel comfortable in being able to trust that he was actually on my side vs just getting a sell! 

Moe was super awesome as well. He took the time to go over every single feature the car had to offer but not to just briefly go over it, he made sure I knew how to actually access and use it myself. Even went as far as borrowing an apple/android USB cord to show me how both phones are easily compatible with my new car. 

Overall, the experience was great and I especially love the "family" feel of this dealership!

Thanks guys!!
-Janelle R., from Yelp

"Attentive and responsive"

Buying a 2017 Kia Sorento from Raoul was a great experience. He was attentive and responsive throughout my entire ordeal. I had to special order my car since they did not have  the exact car I wanted. Raoul contacted me weekly giving me updates on the ETA, which I really appreciated. 
   Yesterday my car wouldn't start. I've only had the car a little over a week now, so you can imagine my disappointment. I had it towed back to Hilltop Kia's service dept and emailed Raoul to let him know what was going on. It was closing time at the service dept but we were greeted by Jimmy one of the managers. He said he had received my email and would try to fix the problem right away. Raoul also had called me and said he was coming over to service to figure things out. They had the mechanics stay over to do so. All the while they assured me that I would have my car fixed or they would give me a loaner car in the meantime. Within an hour my car was fixed, which was the best case scenario. It ended up being something minor, where one of the starter wires was unplugged. 
   When you make a big investment like buying a new car, peace of mind is very important. It's comforting to know that a team of professionals who are focused on customer  service are waiting there to help you. I'd like to thank Raoul, Jimmy, and everybody else at Hilltop Kia for getting my car back on the road. They all get 5 stars in customer service!
-Safiya M., from Yelp

"Highly recommended"

Raoul Fulcher, Jr. was extremely helpful, polite, and not at all pushy when it came to buying a new Kia Forte S which happened this past week-end.  Most of our time was spent exchanging a few emails until I had a great deal and he had the right car.  Much better than my previous experience with dealers in Concord (Kia, Honda and Toyota)  The rest of the people there were great and the paperwork didn't take too much time and I was not pressured into buying any options although there were plenty to choose from had I wanted one. Highly recommended, great car great price.
-Mark H., from Yelp

"Honest and fair"

Moe will treat you fair, and we all want an honest and fair car salesman. If you want honest and fair- it's Moe. I've gotten my last 4 cars with him and I won't go to anyone else.
-Sid C., from Yelp

"Very pleasant experience"

I cannot express enough my satisfaction with my experience at Hilltop Kia. I believe I was their first customer to drive off with a new 2017 Niro Hybrid. After first initial contact via the internet, and then a phone call, Raoul was true to his word And let me know when the Niro's arrived.

After going to several other dealers, and contacting several more by phone or internet I knew this car was not going to be easy to get in the color and options I wanted. I don't know if I was the first person to show up and look at the car or the last that day, but it was an hour before closing time and it was raining. Nevertheless, Raoul was very gracious and professional despite the late hour. 

I'm sure he was ready to go home, but he took my wife and I for a test drive and afterward got down to business answering all of our questions regarding lease vs finance, the features of the car, etc. Next was Carlos, who helped us with the financial details. He laid out the numbers very clearly and explained everything. Once that was done they sent us to Garnett, the finance manager, who then made the final arrangements for the transaction on the Niro.

Meanwhile, Raoul was still there. He got the car ready for us, gassed it up and gave me a tutorial on operating the infotainment system, and helped me setup the UVO app to integrate my phone to the car. We were there a good two hours with these guys after closing. I appreciate all of their help and cannot recommend Hilltop Kia enough. It was a very pleasant experience. How often can you say that about buying a car.
-Marcus H., from Yelp

"Made things so effortless"

I would highly recommend this place ANY day! 

I worked with Moe and Carlos the first day but backed out of the deal that day because I wasn't ready to buy a car just yet, I just want some information and see if I could get approved. Moe tried really hard to get me in that Sorento and his team did amazing at that effort. I just needed time to think. 

After seeing another dealership the next day and being lied to I immediately called Carlos since I knew Moe was off already and told him I'm ready to do business with them. He congratulated me on my approval at an even lower rate than initially offered and told me the car would be ready by 12 the next day! 

Next day Monday I come to the dealership and see Carlos and as promised, paperwork and car ready! Even took the time to walk outside to make sure it's the exact car I wanted and even introduced himself to my wife before I had the chance to. 

After that Roule and William took over at the financial office and they made things so effortless. They made sure I got out here at a timely manner. Days after I even got follow up calls to make sure I was good with my purchase.

All in all they took care of me. Went out their way to find me a good deal and make it painless. I could go on but I "tried" to keep it short. 

Thanks guys!
-Rich F., from Yelp

"Impressed with it's style"

I have been buying Automobiles from Hilltop Kia since 2011  I first met Moe in 2011 while shopping for a new car. I saw a Kia Optima in front of the dealership and was impressed with it's style. I talked to Moe and he explained the virtues of the Kia line of Automobiles and we went for a ride in the Optima. I was very impressed with the car and with Moe, so I bought it. I have just traded my 2011 Optima for a 2016 Kia Cadenza and of course, Moe was my salesperson. We are very happy with the car and the deal we got through Moe. 
-William F., from

"Very knowledgeable"

I have leased two automobiles from "Moe" at Hilltop Kia.  I have been very satisfied with both experiences.  I came back because of "Moe."  He is very knowledgeable and always knows the answers to my questions.  
-Joyce M., from Google Reviews

"Blessed Experience"

Thanks to Raoul I came back after a slightly unpleasant experience.  Raoul was kind, informed, and professional.  He assisted me well along the way.  I truly appreciate his no pressure, yet assertive way in making things happen.  Thanks again for a blessed experience.  
-Kay H., from Google Reviews

"I am loving my new Kia"

Raoul was professional and helpful.  I walked in knowing what I wanted and he helped me get the deal I was looking for without trying to push a ton of extras on to me.  I am loving my new Kia so far and will definitely recommend Hilltop Kia to anyone I know looking for a new car!
-Brian C., from Yelp

"Real and helpful--no pressure"

We just leased a Kia Optima here, and the service was very good.  Everyone we dealt with was real and helpful--no pressure.  Victor helped us find the car we wanted and accompanied us on a test drive.  Noel was great, informing us of alternatives, making sure that the deal would fit for us and our circumstances.  She went way out of her way help me return our previous lease car to another dealership.  William, who handled the finance work was kind and patient.  In 50 years of buying and leasing cars for personal use, I have never encountered such good service.  It felt as if the people here were more interested in making sure that we would be satisfied with the deal than in just closing it.  A very good experience.  Thanks Noel, Victor, and William! 
-Jim T., from Yelp

"Great customer service"
Just bought my first car and wanted to thank Lewis for really going out of his way and helping me get the deal I need since I'm a college student.  Great customer service and got Warriors tickets as well! 
-Chandler F., from Yelp

"As Easy As Buying Your Favorite Cup of Coffee"

I walked on too the Kia lot first person I met was Raoul Fulcher, he said his name I said mine, we talk for about ten minutes on my reason for coming, he encourage me to look around, while I was looking he brought me all the information needed and online information, then I went home and a few days later I got a nice email from Raoul , I came back in took a test drive, I was sold....From the start Raoul and the Hilltop Kia Dealership felt like easy as buying your favorite cup of coffee...Thanks guys
-Darrell S., from

"I am one happy customer!"

Raoul was such an amazing sales person, he made the impossible possible for me.I highly recommend Hilltop Kia Raoul and his amazing team! I am one happy customer!
-Izzamar A., from Yelp

"Professionalism and Integrity"

I am a stickler for a deal however Hilltop has always treated our process with a high level of professionalism and integrity.  Nice work, Team Hilltop for assessing our needs yet again.  
-Karl P., from Google Reviews

"Simply the Best!"

Our sales person, Phil Cooper was congenial, informed and accommodating. Mr. Cooper, as well as the entire Hilltop Ford/Kia team, (from test drive to contract signing) made our purchase experience pleasantly smooth.
-Shelly C., from

"Would Go Back in a Heartbeat"

This was my second experience with Moe. I lease through him two years ago and came back because that was a good experience. I was going to ride out my lease, at his recommendation, to save me money. As soon as Kia created another option, he was right there for me. Walked in, did the deal, and drove my new Soul home. I expect to be in this car 10 years, but would go back in a heartbeat.

-Susan J., from Google Reviews

"100% Satisfied"

Excellent dealership especially the help from Moe. He makes sure to give the customer a good offer and I am 100% satisfied with the service.
-Dzenet H., from Google Reviews

"Easiest Car Deal I've Ever Made"

Just wanted to drop a line and thank Raul in the sales dept. for all of his time and help. My mom was looking for a new Kia Soul. We went to the elk grove auto mall and got the typical hardball tactics that you would expect from a dealer. My mom was so disappointed by the experience that she was ready to give up on Kia and buy a Subaru. Before making the drastic of a decision i found a car on Hilltops website that i knew she would like and was put in contact with Raul. He could not have been easier to work with. i did research on a fair price and after just a few minutes of negotiating over the phone we had a deal. They held the car over night and the next morning it was ready to go. They didn't try any funny business when my mom came down to pick it up and they even followed her home (all the way to brentwood) with here new car so she didn't have to make a second trip back. thanks again to all the guys and gals there but especially Raul, easiest car deal I've ever made.
-Nick B., from Yelp

"They Are Simply The Best!"

I walked into the dealership one evening and had previously contacted Moe about a vehicle. He and his manager spent the entire evening until they got me into a brand new car. I am so thankful to Moe and the Manager for the exceptional service. From there the paper work was a breeze as Garnett ensured that I got the best possible deal along with car insurance. Thanks a million Moe, Garnett and your Manager. You guys are the best! Would recommend Hilltop Kia to anyone shopping around for a vehicle. They are simply the best!!!

-Trevor R., from Google Reviews

"Easy Process with a Trusting Salesman"

Moe sold me my second Kia and I really love how smooth my Optima is. I traded my Forte in for the Optima and Moe helped me cut down my APR and get the car I wanted! He kept in touch with me to let me know what was going on and was very straight forward and honest with me. I came all the way form San Bruno to Richmond because the service and facility there is awesome. There are closer Kia dealerships near me but they had bad customer service and couldn't promise me what I wanted.
-Nicole, from

"Had a Great Experience"

I had a great experience with this place. I decided to come back and trade my first car for another car and Moe was able to help me through the process. He told me everything I needed to know and was upfront about everything. He made sure I got the car I wanted (color and interior were something I wouldn't change) and was able to get it to me within a few short days. I would definitely go back to this dealership if I wanted a new car or to trade one in .
-Nicole U., from Yelp

"I love my new car!"

Moe is an awesome car salesman and got me the best deal on my new car! Whatever you want he'll find the best deal for you and accommodate. I love my new car!
-Nikki U., from Google Reviews

"Very Happy With My Purchase Experience."

Very happy with my purchase experience.  Lewis was willing and able to work with me to get a price I could live with.  Yes, they are salespeople and it's their job to be nice to get the sale, but this felt different to me.  More like joining a family.  No rushing, no hustle, solid explanations and answers to questions.  I have since recommended them to friends.
-Cynthia H., from Google Reviews

"Honest and Caring People"

Just brought my third Kia from this dealership. Lewis is the sales person. He really care and will treat you right. Versy the Sales Manager. Both are awesome. I know buying a car is a important financial decision, but these guys are honest and caring people. I am was very happy with this dealership and gets my full endorsement.
-Al P., from

"Extremely Diligent"

It was certainly Moe's customer service. He was extremely diligent in locating the exact vehicle we were looking for where other dealers said it was impossible. Moe understood our values, priorities and treated us with intelligence by not trying to sell us a vehicle we didn't want. He listened to us and delivered. 
-Adam S., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Were Fast, Friendly And Not Pushy"

Moe and the rest of the team at Hilltop Ford were fast, friendly and not pushy. Moe made me feel like a friend and not his next commission I don't have the greatest credit and moe and his team helped me get into the car I wanted !!! 
Thanks Moe
-Joseph L., from Yelp

"Highly Recommended"

Leased a KIA Sorrento yesterday from Moe - very straightforward process and great experience. Very responsive and worked to get me the right car quickly and on budget, and no sharky sales or financing tactics. Finance process with Garnett was also easy, and I didn't feel like I got the big upsell on extra services. Highly recommended. 
-Martin M., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Best Car Buying Experience"

I was in contact with at least a dozen dealers at the beginning of my search but it was quickly obvious that one stood above all others in service and price.  I worked with Moe initially then Adam for the bulk of the time.  They were honest, friendly, not-pushy, knowledgeable, responsive and were able to get me the car I wanted in very good time at the best price.
Finance process with Garnett was smooth as well.  We were in a time crunch and they were able to get us through the process in record time.  Well worth the 3 hour drive roundtrip to do business with them.  Even after the sale, they followed up to make sure everything was in order.  Best car-buying experience, highly recommend Hilltop Kia!
-KC., from Yelp

"5 Stars"

Adam did an amazing job. Honest, responsive, not pushy, knowledgeable and he got the car I wanted in a very good time frame at the best price. 5 stars. Moe is very friendly, knowledgeable and responsive as well. 5 stars. 
-Kaiey C., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Very Cordial, Professional and Informative"

The sales employees were very cordial, professional and informative. They listened to my objectives and concerns and provided me helpful information. There was no pressure to buy and I was impressed with the depth of their Knowledge and the details in responding to my questions.
-Barry N., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Found The Right Option"

Lewis was very kind and direct. He really helped us find the right option for us and even stayed late to make sure we fully understood the UVO System. 
-Samantha V., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Good and Helpful"

I worked with Moe and Garnett for my first car. Both were really good and helpful. They patiently answered all my questions. Will go to them for my next 
car as well. I highly recommend this place.
-Vinit K., from Yelp

"Courteous and Helpful"

The staff at this dealership are all friendly, courteous, and helpful. I always feel comfortable and like I belong when I come in. Also, the young woman that sold me my Kia almost 4 years ago. Maria, spotted me in the waiting room, not only did she remember me, she remembered my family and personal details about our lives. It was a very nice visit with her and when people compliment or ask about my car, I always tell them to go see Maria at Kia - Richmond. I recently moved to Vacaville, however, because of all the staff at your dealership, I will continue to service my car in Richmond. Thank You. 
-Marlene S., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Very Kind and Efficient"

Moe was great! There is nothing like getting a new car! And the attention and detail that he provided was excellent. Very kind and efficient-- and totally knowledgeable about my new Kia EV. Super! Thanks Moe!!
-Sue J., from Yelp

"Way More Efficient, Thorough, Clear, and Pleasant"

I visited two other local Kia dealers as I shopped the Soul EV. The sales people at Hilltop were WAY, WAY more knowledgeable about the car than anyone at the other dealers. The Hilltop people were also way, way more responsive and flexible in making me a fair deal. And once the deal was made and it came time to take delivery, the Hilltop team, both sales and finance, were way more efficient, thorough, clear, and pleasant in handling the signing of the paperwork and the education about the car than I EVER experienced in my 45+ years of car buying cars --most of which have been with luxury dealers such as Lexus, Mercedes, Range Rover, and BMW.
-Harold S., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Staff Very Kind and Helpful"

This is my second Kia purchased at Hilltop Kia. The staff they have are very kind and helpful. Maria in sales explained everything to us about the vehicle we purchased. Garnett in finance also explained all different warranty coverages there are for the vehicle. We will continue to come back and and also recommend Hilltop Kia. 
-Robert, M, from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"My Questions Were Answered Promptly"

All my questions were answered promptly and to my understanding. This let me know that my sales representative was listening to me.
-Vivian T., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"We Felt Truly Taken Care of"

The whole process was made very easy by Adam, Leon and Moe! Adam and Leon helped me get everything together before even arriving at the dealership then Moe helped us the entire time we were there. We felt truly taken care of!
-Benjamin S., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"The Wonderful Treatment"

Raoul and Adam were both very informative and respectful, they tried their best to give me everything I was asking for and were very patient with me. Adam even personally called the lender and got them to lower my rate. The wonderful treatment I got at Hilltop Kia totally made up for the terrible experience I had in Vallejo. 
-Jennifer W., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Complete Confidence"

I was given a good view of my budget options. Both Adam Brown and Moe (Mohammed Safeel) were very professional and friendly. I got the car I really wanted. Moe explained all features of the car and advised me that I can call on him if I still have questions. This is the second KIA I have purchased from Moe. I will continue to do business with him and have complete confidence in him. I am very pleased with the reliability of KIA's product. 
-Joyce M.,  from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"No Pressure"

I have been driving the same car for 20 years and the idea of buying a new car was one of absolute dread. My past experience was one of feeling like a piece of meat as soon as you walked into a car dealership showroom. The salesman would always try to high pressure you with something that you either didn't want or couldn't afford and he would always have to keep going back to "speak to my manager" and you would sit around and wait all day. I had pretty much decided what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend prior to booking an appointment. Because I am a woman, I called and set up an appointment with a female rep. Sienna was great. No pressure and she made some great suggestions. The whole process took 3 hours and I have been fine with everthing ever since. If you are a woman and want to feel good about your next purchase be sure to ask for Sienna. 
-Mary-Alice D., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Professional and Easy To Work With"

Mo was great.  He was relaxed, knowledgeable and good to work with. I leased a Kia Sol EV+ and he went through all of the information with me.  This was my first time leasing a car without being with someone else (friend, father, husband) and it went great, thanks to Mo.  The dealership folks were professional and easy to work with.
-Laurel B., from Yelp

"The Staff Gave Me Excellent Service"

Mr. Lewis Belt walked me through my entire car buying experience. He showed me the Kia Soul that were part of the July 4th sale. He asked me what color I wanted? I answered Gray! As we walked back from the lot, a gray car came in. Mr. Lewis stated, "Mrs. Harris there is your gray car". He set an appointment for my test drive on June 29, 2016. And little did I know I was driving off the lot with a brand new 2016 KIA Soul. Next, he sat in the car and instructed me on how to operate the inside console and the outside doors with the high tech key system. To top it off he drove my new car to my address so I could drive my old car home. Mr. Lewis is a class act, a gentleman and an excellent salesperson. All the staff gave me excellent service. I will refer friends, family and let them know of my wonderful experience. Thanks
-Sheree H., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Went Out Of Their Way To Find The Best Deal Possible"

Painless. They went out of their way to find the best deal possible. Such a difference from the last dealer I was at where they did nothing for hours and pretended to care.
-Alan C., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Nice Experience"

Very nice experience from the beginning to the end.
I just want to say, "Thank you so much!"
-JK C., from Yelp

"Negotiated Quickly"

They were polite, to the point, negotiated quickly and gave me very good service.
-Terri H., from Yelp

"5 stars"

I went to KIA just to look at a car and I met John. He was asking me what kind of car I was interested in and I told him I didn't know I was just looking for another KIA. He then said let's go outside and look for a 2016 KIA SOUL. I said okay and I felt like he was really trying to get me a new car with a trade in. I believe he's a hard worker and he gets to the point so I'm giving him 5 stars.
-Frances E., from Google

"An All Around Excellent Car Buying Experience."

Five stars easy! Maria Ferro is an amazing salesperson! I was shopping for a new Kia Soul and wanted the transaction to happen quickly. Maria and her manager Adam Brown listened to exactly what I wanted in the car and they got it for me. They didn't have a Soul with the combination of features and exterior color that I was seeking, but Maria found the right car at another dealership. Then she brought the car to Richmond for me, all without any added cost. When I was ready to buy, they gave me a very good price. Finance manager William Waheeb got the contract ready so fast, making sure everything was very clear and easy for me to understand. I was so impressed by how professional and efficient everyone was, every step of the way. Everyone worked together so smoothly and are plainly a great team together. An all around excellent car buying experience.
-Vanessa C., from Yelp

"Best Car Buying Experience Ever!"

Best car buying experience ever! Moe is great and got us what we wanted. I went to another KIA dealer the day before and was not happy with the price and the APR was ridiculously high, especially with having great credit. Moe listened and was professional throughout the entire process. He didn't waste our time. Thank you Moe!
-Mandy D., 
from Yelp 

"Always Up Beat and Friendly." 

My experience past and present have always been great at Hilltop Kia. My always go-to salesperson, Safeel (Moe), never lets me down. I've leased a few KIAs now in past years and Moe always makes himself available with answers to questions I might have at any time of the year. This time I decided that I no longer want to lease and that I want to purchase the new 2017 Kia Sportage SX-Turbo. Moe was the one who kept thinking about me and knew I would be interested in the new 2017 model of the KIA Sportage SX-Turbo with tons of new techie cool features and sleek look. He said come in at any time and I'll make sure to let you have a test drive. Well, today I did and I was truly in love!  The new 2017 Kia Sportage SX has even more bells and whistles than my previous 2014 Kia Sportage SX-T. They were able to get me a deal I could work with and monthly payments only $20 more than my previous payments - how cool is that for a brand new 2017 model? Thanks to Moe (and Phil who stepped in for him in the beginning when Moe was with another customer), I drove off the lot with a new sleek black 2017 Kia Sportage SX. Their service dept. is just as excellent as Moe's service. Never had a bad experience and they really seem to care about the customer's experience. Moe, do NOT ever leave that place, you are definitely a great guy and sales person. Always up beat and friendly. I vowed that this would be my last new car (since I recently retired) but I know it will always be in good care with the people and Moe my sales person at Kia Hilltop.
-D. H., from Yelp 

"Excellent Customer Service!"

Roaul and Adam were exceptionally awesome. They listened to my requests and delivered above and beyond. I will definitely be back to Hilltop when it's time to trade in my car. Thank you for your excellent customer service!
-Tiffany T., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"Had Great Service and Attention"

Just started leasing a 2016 KIA Sorento. Had great service and attention from Raoul Fulcher. I happened to pick up my car in the evening and he stayed with me until 10pm at night to make sure I got my car and that I was happy with the experience. Despite the fact that he was probably tired and hungry it never showed and he was very professional and friendly.
-Erick H., from Yelp 

"I'll Continue To Do Business With Hilltop Kia, Plain and Simple." 

These guys got it done for me.  There's a salesman there, Moe, who not only answered all my tedious questions and got me the actual deal I wanted, he actually delivered my car to my front door, about forty minutes away from where I live in San Francisco.  The follow-up was good, including keeping me posted on maintenance scheduling (which I haven't done yet, so I don't have any opinion on the quality of ongoing service yet), and answering my questions about all the tech my new Cadenza has on board.  And by the way, I really love the ride, it's a great car that's always "thinking."  I highly suggest, if you buy one of these cars, that you read the manual, there are SO many things this car does, you really need to get up to speed to get your money's worth.  I'll continue to do biz with these guys, plain and simple.
-Christian E., from Yelp 

"This Is One Of The Best Car Purchase Experiences I've Had"

The wife and I purchased a Kia Sorento, we received a no nonsense, straightforward and easygoing sales experience from Raoul Fulcher at Hilltop Kia.  You will find that he is no doubt friendly and professional, he let us take our time looking at all their cars and had no problem answering all our questions. He was able to deliver on his promise and beat everyone else's best price. Raoul was also able to get us the exact car we wanted, the model and color as promised, he is legit. Also, later I had some questions about the contract and they were kind enough to stop what they were doing to answer all the questions I had without making me wait and no attitude. This is one of the best car purchase experiences I've had. If your shopping for a Kia you want to go see Raoul at Hilltop Kia.
-Ed L., from Yelp

"Helpful from Start-to-Finish"

This was the best car-buying experience I've had in decades. There was only a small patina of the 'typical' Dealership culture. The experience itself was straightforward, transparent, genuinely friendly and helpful, start-to-finish. On the Kia side at least, they aren't trying to sell you particularly, they're trying to service you. The Deal was good. Of course I had done my pricing homework, and the car itself is exceptional (Kia Soul); The Service Dept is great. Although the physical facilities are quite modest, I actually enjoy going to this Dealership. I hate to say it, but there's a 'family' feeling in their culture.
-Ben O., from Yelp

"I Will Drive Across The Bridge For Service" 

Finance Dept was GREAT my sales person Raoul was GREAT. Everyone was warm, kind, friendly and understanding from the first phone call to the end. They work hard to make it work. They treated us as if we were important and not the sale. I didn't get that from the other Kia close to my home, they seemed as though nothing was important. Because of the great treatment and service at Hilltop Kia, I will drive across the bridge for service on my Sorento.
-Lucretia H., from Yelp

"I Will Be Taking The Ride To Hilltop For My Service Needs"

The people at Hilltop Kia (Michael Steads) gave me the impression that whether you were rich with the best credit score in the world or just the average person, they treat all their customers the same. And I have never got that feeling from any other dealership EVER! There's a Kia right next to my home but I will be taking the ride to Hilltop for my service needs.
-Tracy H., from Kia Motors Sold Vehicle Survey

"The Customers are Taken Care of"

Another great experience with Hilltop Ford's service center. Even though they're busy, they have a ton of people working to make sure that all the customers are taken care of. I'm impressed to see how well-stocked and clean their waiting room is as well. Once again, I'm very happy with my service here.
- Maxx M., from Yelp

"Top Notch Service"

… this review is strictly for my experience with the service department. Kevin has always been my service advisor. I have always received top notch service here. I have two kids, young, & the waiting room is always warm.. friendly .. & with popcorn. :) I've dealt with a LOT of mechanics/dealerships for other cars. My horrible service for my other car is what inspired me to write a positive review here. Through the 4 years of getting service at Hilltop KIA (I purchased my car in 2011) , service impeccable. I never feel "ripped off" as I did/do feel with service issues. They dropped me off at worked one time & even picked me up! Not a shuttle.. But a concierge driving me in my own car.. to take care of maintenance. I am always happy with Kevin and his team..& I'm sure you will be too.
-Jennifer B., from Yelp

"Amazed At The Level Of Response"

I needed something fixed with my Kia today and was just amazed at the level of response and service I received from Jennifer Anderson. She was great! I drove off today a satisfied customer. Thanks so much.
-Eric K., from Yelp

"Never Disappointed"

Again, another oil change and great service, plus a free cabin filter change, wipers. I think Kia is amazing and both the sales and service dept. outstanding.  I always ask for Kevin and am never disappointed.
-Dave F., from Yelp.

"Made Car Buying So Much More Pleasant And Easy"

This is for the delivery of my new Kia Soul EV+ by Raoul. He is AWESOME. Kept me up to date in the car, delivered it pristine, and cheerfully and patiently explained all the features and setup for me.

Forgot my temporary registration but delivered it to my door the next morning, again with a big smile. What a nice guy. Made car buying (or leasing) so much more pleasant and easy. Thanks Raoul!!
-Grace K., from Yelp

"A Customer For Life"

You have gained a customer for life...
- Mickalla J.

"Easy, Quick, And Would Do It Again"

This was my first time purchasing a vehicle. It was easy, quick and would do it again through my salesman. He was totally honest and upfront about every vehicle that I was interested in, explaining what is best suit for a new driver purchasing their first vehicle. Louis D and Lewis both rock of Hilltop Kia Ford!
- Tamanicka J.

"The Best!"

Austin was the best! He provided us with a lot of useful information and explained the different function of the car expertly.
- David W.

"I Felt Like My Being At the Dealership Was Valued"

Thank you to the caring employees from front to back and their professional attitudes in greeting and speaking to customers. I felt like my being at the dealership was valued.
- Mary O.

"How Buying A Car Should Be"

I live in Vegas and purchased my new 2016 Kia Sorento from Hilltop Kia. I had a very good deal all worked out at another dealership and just for the heck of it, I tried Hilltop Kia since they had the same vehicle I wanted and was shocked when they offered me an even better deal and shipped me the vehicle. My salesman was Raoul Fulcher, Jr. and it was a pleasure to work with him and the sales manager Adam, I never imagined it would be this easy to lease an out of state vehicle. Instead of spending all day at a Vegas dealership haggling back and forth, Hilltop just gate me their best offer out of the gate and it was a done Deal. KUDOS to Raoul and Adam and all the staff at Hilltop Kia!!! That's how buying a car should be, I will be bak for my next purchase. 

- Tony F.

"Made Sure I Got Everything I Needed"

Great first time car buying experience. Rosa Mejia and the rest of the team made sure I got everything I needed. They will work with you financially and accommodated all of your needs. Costumer service is great, very professional and great team work. Also very good with making sure you are satisfied with your vehicle after your purchase.
-Julia S., from

"High Quality Customer Service"

The employees at Hilltop Kia provided high quality customer service. They worked hard to get me the deal that I could afford. I am one happy customer and an owner of my first brand new 2015 Kia Optima! Thank You Team Kia!!
- Latoya H.

"Great Salesperson, Great Customer Service Experience"

Rosa at Hilltop Ford Kia really helped me out looking the car that I wanted and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a vehicle, great customer service.
-Vernon S., from

"The Most Straightforward, And Trustworthy Car Salesperson I've Worked With"

Raoul was the most straightforward, and trustworthy car salesperson I've worked with. Plus flexible and willing to work within my super rushed time schedule! Seems like a really good guy.
- Pamela W.

"Has the Best Representatives"

I went to get my car service at another dealership. When i was overwhelmed with the news that my 2005 SUV that was still in good condition with about 100254 miles left on it. That my transmission just went out on it. As i stated i was in need for a vehicle and fast. I am a student i work a full time job with my mother running a foster home, as well as a part-time security job. With my luck i came across Rosa E. Mejia; the most important thing that i saw while working with Rosa was that she was very patient and made sure that we received a vehicle that met our needs. She also worked with me on the price give me a great deal with a down payment of a thousand dollars. In a few days i walked out with used but brand new 2015 Kia Forte with 10382 miles on it. Rosa made the process of buying a new car simple and easy.
- Preston G., from

"Made Us Feel Like Family"

My husband and I were looking for an economical car and we happened to pass by Hilltop Ford Kia . We were greeted by a friendly sweet lady name Maria Mejia. Usually we hate shopping for cars cause of some sales people are too pushy. She talked to me about the Rio Kia and she said everything that I wanted to hear about the car and was impressed by her knowledge. She made us feel like family and we were very comfortable talking to her. She was professional yet very sweet and nice and had a smile that would lit up a room. My whole experience from the sale was very pleasant and fast. They made us feel special with undivided attention. I love my Kia! Thank you Maria!
-Kathy G. and Michael W., from

"The VIP Service Of Personal Delivery"

I received the VIP service of personal delivery. The price was better than in _______. I wanted a specific model with an upgraded package with back up camera, the sales person went above and beyond to accommodate. Really happy with car.
- Patricia M.

"I Loved Their Customer Service"

My Salesman Rauol was wonderful. He made it a very pleasant experience. He has continue to reach out. His customer service was excellent. It was such a pleasure to work with him. Alston the Salesman in training was very pleasant too. The two working together was great. I would definitely recommend Kia to my friends. I loved the customer service.
- Stanley J.

"Awesome Service"

My experience with Tina gave me the impression that she as well as the entire staff care deeply about their work. Her friendly demeanor and dedication to service provided for an experience that was down to business, without loosing the an enjoyable experience that makes one feel welcome. Most importantly, she knew her facts when it comes to the automobile industry. Our questions related to gas mileage were answered completely and thoroughly. I highly recommend you see Tina for automobile services.
-Stephen B., from

"Would Definitely Recommend"

I originally went to Hilltop Ford Kia in August of 2014 looking for a 2nd car and was greeted by Rosa Mejia. She is very courteous and patient! We couldn't make up our mind as to what kind of car we wanted but she was patient enough to show us a few options, both new and used. That first time we didn't really leave with a car but because of the service that Rosa and the rest of the team provided us, we went back again in April 2015. Again, Rosa greeted us and was able to get us an amazing deal on our 2014 Kia Forte, which we love! Thanks to Rosa's attention and her being on top of things we were able to get a car that we wanted and came out with a very sweet deal, we're very happy with how we were treated and would definitely recommend visiting Hilltop Ford Kia.
- Lesly, from

"Knowledgeable, Personable, And Accommodating"

Adam Brown is outstanding. Not only is he a brilliant, efficient sales manager, he is personable and empathetic, a family man and just ll around wonderful human being.
We feel the same about Brandon Franks, our salesperson. He found the right vehicle for me and was very knowledgeable, personable and accommodating.
Garnett, our finance person was not only all of these things but we felt was really looking out for us by selling us the additional maintenance agreement that put the icing on the 'sweet deal' we got!
- Ava E.

"Very Helpful Throughout The Process"

We actually ended up buying 2 cars on this day. Dante was very helpful throughout the process
- William S.

"Extremely Impressed"

As a return customer of Michael Steed's Hilltop Ford/Kia, I was again extremely impressed with Adam Brown's team. (He was a salesperson the last time I leased a car, he's team was well trained on the benefits of electric vehicles and super helpful during the test drives and delivery.) I will continue to recommend them to all my friends.
- Robert G.

"A Lifelong Customer"

Will definitely be a lifelong customer.
- Stephan Y.

"Consistently Excellent Service"

I've had consistently excellent service with hilltop Kia most recently with Jennifer in the service department. Even got a free car wash today. Sales department is good too. best place to get a Kia but don't tell too many people
- Burt K.

"One Of The Best Car Buying Experiences I Have Had"

This was one of the best car buying experiences I have had. Dante was professional and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable and confident with them. awesome.
- Annette W.

"A Pleasure To Work With"

We loved our experience at Hilltop Kia, Bob our Sales person was so very kind and warm-hearted and just a pleasure to work with throughout the process of purchasing our new car. Thanks again for all your help with setting us up with our new Kia Sportage.
- Lavinia M.

"Great Retailer, Nice People"

Mr, Adam Brown is a very professional, corurtesy and honesty. He printed out all the numbers, like Rebate, OLP/CBP etc. The net price came up at my expectation. Great retailer, nice people. I will go back there in 8 to 9 years for my third (3) KIA.
- Danny L.

"Kia Sales Team Really Worked With My Budget"

Kia Sales Team really worked with my budget and helped me get the car that perfectly fit my needs. I highly recommend Adam and Brandon.
- J.C.

"Knowledgeable Without Being Arrogant"

Trent was a large reason I purchased the day I just went to "look" at cars. He was knowledgeable without being arrogant. Trent truly believes in the cars he sells and his honesty comes through. Adam worked along with Trent and myself without taking over. I will highly recommend your dealership to others.
- Janet T.

"Great Service"

Today I went in to purchased a 2015 Kia Sol with my son. I was very nervous of purchasing a new car because I have heard so many horror stories regarding car salesman. However, I was very happy with the service I received with the car salesman Moe. He treated me and my son very good. He took his time and explains to us the financing and also took his time and showed us the features of the 2015 KIa. I also would also like to think the manager of Kia of Hilltop. I forgot his name but I was able to drive of with my new Kia and with a monthly car payment that I could afford. Once I again I really appreciate the great service I received from the Salesman Moe and also the Manager. Thanks again.
-Vickie, from

"A No-Pressure Experience"

Moe was great with providing a no-pressure experience. He offered time to explore other new vehicles (not Kia) on the lot for comparison, and was gracious to allow be to leave to other dealers without making me feel I was making a mistake. . . . Moe offered to find the vehicle of our choice anywhere in the Bay Area if we didn't find what we wanted on his lot. . . . Sales Manager was patient and easy to negotiate with. [He] provided several options that helped me make sense of the most practical decision. The service crew stayed past normal business hours to ensure my car was delivered prepped and cleaned.
- Noah B.

"Great Service Department"
Definitely recommend service department. Great customer service as they have taken care of my needs after I purchased my vehicle.
-Ernest, from

"Above And Beyond"

Not enough can be said about each, Moe and Vercy. My brother worked in the industry for nearly a decade and I myself work in the financing industry as well. I must say that they both went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable while at the facility and with all of the terms presented with the process. A big thank you to Moe for taking such a long time out of his day to make sure every question was answered.
- Julio R.

"The Most Pleasant Experience I Have Ever Had Purchasing A Vehicle"

This was the most pleasant experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle I will tell all my friends they need to go to Hilltop Ford Kia and see Mohammed and Garnett, great guys!!
- Catherine G.

"A Joy To Work With"

The entire team at Kia Hilltop are fantastic and were a joy to work with. Daniel and Adam truly went above and beyond to make my experience/purchase a pleasurable one. Thank you!
- Katie G.

"Patient, To The Point, And Friendly"

Brandon the salesman was of great help. He was so patience, to the point, and friendly. He got me sold!
- Amir M.

"The Whole Experience Was Great"

The whole experience was great and the sales man was really kind and concerned about my needs!
- Juana L.

"Nothing But Excellent Service"

My husband and I bought our first dealer car (a Certified Pre-Owned Soul) from Hilltop Kia in December with Moe, supported by his manager Adam. After hearing so many horror stories about dealerships and what they put you through, we were nervous and went in very hesitant and defensive. We've bought cars from private parties before, and I was worried about getting screwed over by a dealership.

From the beginning 'till the end, we had nothing but excellent service by both Moe and Adam, who worked with us and our situation to make taking our car home as easy as possible. I asked a LOT of questions. Moe never flinched and answered everything respectfully. That's really important to me - I don't like to be treated like an idiot.

Every single person we dealt with at Hilltop was pleasant (and we bought our car at the end of the day!) and helpful. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience. Everything was incredibly simple. Were we lucky? Maybe. But we knew what to expect and had done our research on the car and everything surrounding buying it.

This is our first Kia, and I'm excited. While it will take me a few months before I feel comfortable recommending purchasing a Kia (until I've really driven and lived with the car) I would absolutely recommend friends who are interested in Kias to Moe and Adam.
- Nissa, from Yelp

"Pleasant And Painless"

Special thanks to Moe for this pleasant and painless experience!
- Merav A.

"Small And Good"

The team there is small and good in our experience. You are lucky to have Moe, who searched our trade in car and found that we had left our electronic bridge pass in one of the compartments. A great save for us.
- John L.

"Efficient And Very Courteous"

This is my second Kia and I am just thrilled. This purchasing experience was even better than the first time. Adam Brown listened to what I wanted (my main wish was no haggling) and they respected my wish and gave me exactly what I wanted with no hassle at all! They were efficient and very courteous. My car is just perfect as was the sales team! Thanks!
- Roseanna Z.


Talked to Adam on the phone at 11:30 am and he had our car by 3 pm on his lot. We drove over and were home by 6:30 pm. Outstanding.
- Joyce

"A Real Standout"

My first experience was almost 8 months ago with Terrance and Jason when I was looking at Ford. I was impressed then so, when investigating the Kia as a last car to test before proceeding with purchase of a fully loaded Volvo SUV, I chose to cross the bridge to come to Hilltop rather than stay in ______. Versy connected me with Moe with whom my husband and I were extremely impressed (and we've met lots of sales professionals having driven about every alternative. Moe was a real standout).
- Richard

"Very Knowledgeable"

Moe is very knowledgeable about the vehicles he sells. I was very impressed with what he knows about my car.
- Meropi

"I Like The No Pressure Feeling"

Just bought a 2014 Kia Soul from Hilltop Kia, I shopped around and they had exactly what i was looking for and the color. I was looking at the exact same car at another lot, and Hilltop Kia was $1500 cheaper. The salesman Mike Jenkins was very friendly an professional and the sales Manager Adam Brown was also very helpful and professional. Mike an Adam made the deal very easy an smooth, they answered ever question that I had. This is the first car I ever bought from Hilltop Kia, and I like the no pressure feeling, I would highly recommend them. I would definitely come back.
- Bob, from Yelp

"Absolutely Love My New Kia Soul

I was very pleased with my experience at this dealership. I am very, very happy and I absolutely love my new Kia Soul! Thank you so much!
- Maxine

"Made Me Feel Great About My Choice Without Ever Pressuring Me"

Mike is an absolute world class salesman. He and Adam got me in the door when most dealers couldn't (I've emailed every dealer in the greater SF area leading up to my purchase decision, and their no-bs but courteous approach set them apart). Honestly, I didn't want to do a stupid negotiating dance forever and they alleviated that by starting with a price other dealers weren't able to commit to online. Once they got me to the dealership, Mike took over and really listend to what I was looking for and addressed every question I had. I am a highly trained negotiator myself and know what to look for, and was blown away by how well he demonstrated his skills - systematically obliterated every obligation I had and made me feel great about my choice without ever pressuring me.

"Comfortable Environment"

Friendly staff and comfortable environment. Moe was a great salesman and was very knowledgeable about the car. Got a good deal. Service Center is clean and staff is friendly. Good experience!

"Welcoming, Warm and Knowledgeable Sales Team"

We are extremely satisfied with our purchase of the new Kia Soul. We have never met such a welcoming, warm and knowledgeable sales team, especially at a car dealership. Not once were we ever pressured or felt uncomfortable with asking questions. The team made it very easy throughout the entire purchase which can be difficult. 

"Never Gave Up On Finding What I Wanted"

After having a bad experience at the Kia dealerships in ________,________,  and ________, I ventured out to the Richmond dealership and was in contact with Adam. From the very beginning he was very helpful in fulfilling my requests on which specific car that I wanted. It was about 2 weeks until I was able to get into the car that I wanted. From start to finish, Adam never gave up on finding what I wanted and was not at all pushy. I was originally going to purchase a 2013 Kia Optima but ended up leaving with a 2014 thanks to Adam! I also worked with Mike who was also such a great guy and made sure you were completely happy, help me set up the bluetooth and went over the car and made sure I knew about everything in the car! If I could give these guys (and the finance guy) a 100 stars I would! Thank you Adam for all your help! And Mike as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a Kia or Ford!
-Andie, from Yelp

"Helpful And Nice Team"

Met and worked with Moe, Adam and Daniel.  Really helpful and nice team here. Requested an internet price on 2014 Forte.  Moe promptly followed up with $580 below invoice price.  We test drove and later decided on a different car than quoted one by Moe.  Adam kept the similar deal and we happily drove off - they worked to get a good financing. We considered and talked to Mazda (in _________ and _________ Hyundai - really don't care for ________ Honda where I bought my last Accord. Mazda ________ and Hilltop Kia will get our business in the future as well.
-Jung, from Yelp


Bob and Adam was very helpful. Their customer services shows how much they care about helping. I look forward doing business with them again. Thanks Bob and Adam for making our experience outstanding!!!

"Direct And Forthright And Personable"

I did a lot of research and shopping around before purchasing my Kia Soul and I was won over by Adam Brown at Hilltop Kia. He was direct and forthright and personable. He asked me a lot of questions about what I was looking for and why, found me the best price and in general just conveyed that he wanted to help me and win my business without being pushy. I had called a few other dealers for quotes and the response was to not call me back, to be sort of bored sounding or overly pushy. No one asked me what I was looking to pay or what features were important to me or engaged me in any real way until I spoke with Adam. The rest of the team there was really helpful and nice as well including Michael and Garnett and the guy who was there the day we picked the car up, I think his name was Bob. Overall I would recommend them highly and I feel I can trust Adam to help out should any after purchase issues arise. Thanks guys!
-Little, from Yelp

"So Grateful"

I just purchased a 2013 Kia Soul+ from Nikel Whyte at Hilltop Kia.  I had done my homework and went in knowing what I wanted and how much I'd pay for it.  Nikel respected my decision and never challenged or haggled me on anything.  He was real and so I could be too.  For me the entire transaction was better than I'd anticipated and I'm so grateful to Nikel for making it so! Because of Nikel I'm roll'in in gratitude!!!
-Jillian, from Yelp

"Very Happy With The Outcome"

I recently had written hilltop Kia a bad review for the service I received when trying to get my tire fixed. I would like to say that as I may have not gotten the best service they more than made up for it and were very kind and I will definately be going back for all of my service needs. I do believe that it must have been an isolated incident and I am confident now that the situation has been dealt with on their end, I am very happy with the outcome.  
-Tara, from Yelp                                                                  

"Very Patient"

While in the market for a new car, I went to a Kia dealership in the area.  My experience there was less than positive.  So, I tried Hilltop Ford Kia and was immediately greeted by Nikel Whyte.  Nikel and I went on a test drive in the Kia Optima.  I had driven it at the previous dealership but fell in love with the car all over again.  I hadn't yet had all of my down payment together but Nikel was very patient and unlike the previous dealership I had gone to Nikel didn't try to push my into making a deal right then and there on the spot but instead encouraged me to return when I was ready. 
-Shelly, from Yelp

"Free Of Problems And Pressure"

My wife and I recently bought a Kia Soul at Hilltop and the process was very smooth. We test drove a few cars and decided we liked the Soul. Although the manager definitely wanted to buy right then, we were firm about leaving after they gave us an initial quote. The rest of the negotiation happened over the next two weeks via email and it was free of problems and pressure. The salesman, Nikel, was very helpful and generous with his time.
-Alex, from Yelp                                                      

"Complete Gentleman"

I was able to get the price here I wanted on work vehicle I was interested in purchasing. Michael Jenkins was the salesman that helped us and he was a complete gentleman throughout the process. If you are purchasing a vehicle, do your homework before walking in, and you will walk out with the price you are looking for - these folks were more willing to make a deal than other dealerships I came across, and I spent a good amount of time in the comparison process.
-Jeremy, from Yelp

"Such An Amazing Experience"

I normally don't write reviews, but since I had such an amazing experience at Hilltop Ford Kia I felt that is was my obligation to do so. Let me just start by saying that I purchased a Brand new 2013 Kia Optima EX. My first encounter with this dealership was through the Internet speaking to Adam (Internet Sales Manager) who couldn't have done any a better of job helping me get the vehicle I wanted. This was no easy task since for one they didn't have the model with the features I wanted on there lot. Even though this was an obstacle Adam was not deterred in finding my vehicle of choice. Searching all of Sacramento and the Bay area we found ONE car that matched the options I wanted. Quickly working his "magic" he secured this vehicle for me. I should mention that I was no easy customer to deal with but again my hat goes off to Adam, Garrett in Finance (who really explained everything to me on a consumer level) and the whole Hilltop Ford Kia Team. I would Definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to purchase a new Ford or Kia.
-Imari, from Yelp

"Made Me Feel Important As A Customer"

Recently purchased a Kia Optima 2011 and was happy with the overall customer service and experience from the dealership. Nikel (young, skinny, tall, cant miss him) was the salesperson and couldn't have been more helpful. He was very informational and level headed with what I wanted from the vehicle. He wasn't pushy (as most car salesman are) and made me feel important as a customer which made the process a lot easier.
-Ryan, from Yelp

"Worth The Long Trip From San Francisco"

11/13/2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I had a great experience here at hilltop ford/KIA. the salesperson Moe was excellent he helped find me the perfect KIA optima hybrid at a great price and had everything happen very fast for my birthday. so i had a pleasant experience out here so it was worth the long trip from San Francisco.                                            -Naz, from Yelp 

"A1 Service"

10/16/2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Great experience.... my sister in law got an Optima from them and she loved them so we were referred by her and we got A1 service.... David was on top of it, trust me im a pain when it comes to buying a car..... Dani was working the best deal possible and William was always there to help and answer all my questions!! Thank you very much Kia! Great team!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                      
-Mona, from Yelp


Great job with my Kia Soul. Staff are friendly and the service is great.
-Josefa, from Yelp

"Seventh Car"

So I bought my SEVENTH car here at this dealership on Saturday, and like always an absolute great experience !!! This was the first time I had gone over to the Kia side and was approached by a very friendly sales associate Moe, who was friendly, courteous and very very knowledgeable about pretty much any car I asked about. He was detailed about the car I had my eye on, the Kia Optima. I ended up trading my car in, got everything I asked for and a great deal on my new car with low monthly payments appropriate for a full time student situation. Every one is very friendly each time I go there, and it helps to be able to establish a good raport for everybodys benefit.  I also service my cars there with good experience also.
-Meropi, from Yelp

"Professionalism, Courteousness, And Good Customer Service Practice"

Recently, I had a very nice experience with Hilltop Ford, Kia.
I had to have some work done on my car. I was directed to their Service Manger Tony Mattice. From the day I drop off of the vehicle, up to the next day I picked up my car after the repairs were done, I have to say that Hilltop Ford, Kia Service Department staffs had impressed me with their professionalism, courteousness, and good customer service practice. From their appointment reminder e-mail, shuttle service, and warm smile made the unpleasant event (car needs to be repaired) simple, easy, and pleasant.
-Xiao, from Yelp

"Attention To The Details Was Impeccable"

We just bought a 2013 KIA Sorento. We're loving the car, it has everything!!!!! The buying process was great and Safeel (sales) and William (finance) helped us in everything, those guys were awesome! Really smooth process and we got the car on monday, tank full of gas, polished and shiny! I have to say that we really loved all the attention that was given to us, since the beginning not only including the sale process, but also the stress-less overall process. The attention to the details was impeccable! Congratulations and keep doing the great job guys!
-Jose, from Yelp

"Helpful, Honest, And Modest"

Amazing customer service! We just leased a Kia Optima SX and cannot begin to tell you how helpful, honest and modest our salesperson was. The process was relatively quick, and the experience was more than pleasant...much better than any other dealer we had been to! They really worked with the monthly price we had in mind, and tried their best to meet it. We are very happy with our lease--and definitely with our car--and would definitely recommend them to everyone we know!
-Nikki, from Yelp

"Low Pressure Situation All Around"

I stopped by this weekend to lease a new Kia Soul+ from Travis and my experience was fantastic. Of all the Kia dealerships in the Bay area, this was the only one that had a recent shipment of Kias in stock. Travis took the time to show me all of my options, including the base model which was on a special lease deal, and the remaining plus models. We discussed the options for each, and he laid me out a side by side comparison of both my options to see what financially fit my budget. In the end I went with the Soul+ and I couldn't be more happy with the experience. It was a low pressure situation all around, and while my paperwork was being finished up, the folks at Kia made sure we were taken care of. I highly recommend you give the folks a Kia Hilltop a chance to serve you with your next auto purchase.
-Brett, from Yelp

"Tears Of Joy"

I had no ideal what I was in-store for at Hilltop KIA, but these sales fellas brought me to tears of joy. Thank God for Philip Cooper, he's a loyal sales man. I had been searching for a new vehicle on a regular basis to add to my taxi fleet. I tried all the local dealers from ********  Nissan to ******* Toyota, what a waste of time, these 2 local dealers do not know anything about their own auto's, they lack sales negotiation skills, They are arrogant, act as if they do not need your business, screw the local city dealers. When I went to Hilltop, Phil had time for me and my questions, he made an offer of $3k less minus on every car inquiry, he really went the extra mile, my entire buying experience was worth the extra mile across the Bay. Perfect
-Roy, from Yelp

"Couldn't Be More Pleased"

I recently bought a new KIA from Hilltop KIA and I couldn't be more pleased!!!! The sales staff was very patient with me while I decided which car (soul or forte) to buy. The manager let me drive each car multiple times and let me take all the time I needed to make my decision even offering me to take it home over night to decide.Safeel was so polite and broke any sigma of your typical car salesman. I give them 5 stars and will let my friends know to see them for a new vehicle!!!
-Ana, from Yelp