See Why People Love Hilltop Kia!

Our #1 goal at Hilltop Kia is to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase experience and service; before and after the sale. Here is what some reviews and testimonials from our customers had to say:

"No Pressure Approach"


I very much appreciated Moe's no pressure approach. I wasn't planning on purchasing a car during the COVID auto shortage and wasn't happy when I found myself in need of a new car  for my son. After visiting several other dealerships with high pressure sales tactics, Moe was a breath of fresh air.

Dawn G., from Yelp

"Upfront, Honest, and Great Service"


Moe is GREAT!!! Upfront, honest and great service. He reached out to me after I expressed interest in the Telluride SX.
The price was fair and not a penny more than what was quoted. Moe made sure I got the exact car I wanted and within the timeframe discussed. Even after purchasing, he is still there to answer my questions and offer further assistance. I'm super happy with my beautiful new car.

Shirley C., from Yelp

"Always Honest With Answers"


My family has been looking for a Telluride since late 2019 and we kept hearing about the markups and we kept waiting for the price to drop (but it didn't) until we got contacted by Moe late last November telling us that there is no markup on the Telluride and all we needed to do is be on the waiting list.

It sounded too good to be true but that's what we did.  Throughout the whole waiting period, Moe kept us in the loop and he always answered our call and text and understood the stress of buying a new car which made the buying experience very pleasant.  He was always honest with his answers.

Then the pandemic hit and there were even fewer cars to be offered because of the semiconductor shortage.  Moe even told us in April that they no longer take orders and are beginning to do markups but since we were on the initial order list he is going to keep his word.

We were very pleasantly surprised that he kept his word to the end when we picked up the car in late July.  We cannot thank him and the entire dealership enough for helping us purchase our family vehicle.

Thank you so much Moe, please keep up the good work and continue to hold up your integrity.
Kevin L., from Yelp

"Incredibly Grateful For the Level of Effort"


Since writing my original review I was contacted by the Service and Parts Department District Manager, William. William served as my personal champion in ensuring that Kia finally stepped up to provide me a rental car until the part for my vehicle is received and repaired. I could not express my gratitude nor the sense of relief I felt well enough. Three weeks of scrambling for rides taking my newborn's car seat in and out of vehicles to reach this outcome has left me on the verge of tears. I am incredibly grateful for the level of effort and empathy I received from William. He was communicative, empathetic and most importantly took accountability for a company he represents. It is reassuring to know that people like you still exist out in the workforce today. Thank you again!
Katrina M., from Yelp

"So Easy and Hassle Free"

This review is for Moe! He made the process of buying our Kia Telluride SO EASY and HASSLE FREE! Moe has been highly recommended and now I know why! Thank you so much for the excellent communication and service!
Daisy D., from Yelp

"I'll Be Back" 

First Off All I Passed 2 Other Kia Service Centers Cause This One Caught My Eye.. I Was Calling Around To Find The Best Kia Dealer With A Service Center.. No One Had Service Right Away Due To COVID So Still Wanted To Choose The Best One For Our Family.. Then I Get To My Appointment Over An Hour Early And They Didn't Even Say Anything About It.. Checked Me In Signed For The Work And I Was Out.. Service Takes 3-4 Hours They Called Me In 3 1/2 Hours.. All Service Complete.. Thanks A Big Shout Out To Kevin B. And The Kia SQUAD.. In My Terminator Voice.. ILL BE BACK .. Lmao
Tywain W., from Yelp

"Went Above and Beyond" 

I would like to say " Thank You " to Trent Cleverger for helping us getting us a New car! You went above and beyond and helping us with our credit! With Two Car, you are a good salesman! You should be Supervisor or a manager I give you a A++
I will be back to get another car for my daughter, thanks again
D K., from Yelp

"Top Quality Service" 

I've purchased several cars from Hilltop Ford and Kia. Always received top quality service!
Jazzy H., from Yelp

"One of The Best" 

I want to give a special thanks you too my number one guy Trent Clevenger he Help me Make my wife anniversary Come True he's one of the best sales man out there If you ever need a new car This is the guy to ask for he will definitely get the job done no doubt
Kristopher M., from Yelp

"Highly Recommend" 

Had a great experience with Moe and Hilltop Kia.

Like many others who have reviewed, we were looking to purchase a Telluride, and realized how hard they were to come by.  We found Moe through Telluride forums (where he came highly recommended) and reached out via text in October.  Moe explained the process and expected wait time which was ~6 months at the time of order.  Due to COVID related delays, and Kia switching models to the 2022, the timeline stretched to 10 months, and we just picked up our Telluride last week.

Moe was proactive and responsive throughout the process.  He was always available to answer our questions, responding to texts right away, and keeping us informed as the timeline evolved.  He assured us that the order would be filled and that agreed upon terms would be honored (which he delivered on).

When we showed up to pick up the car it was like we knew Moe.  He was excited for us and took time to explain all of the details about the technology in the car (on the way home my wife and I commented that we wished the sales agent - from a different dealership - would have taken the same time when we purchased our Sorento).

I have a great deal of respect for Moe and how he handles his business.  Others that we talked to at the dealership were friendly and professional and I highly recommend working with them.
Devon J., from Yelp

"Dealership Experience was Streamlined" 

Recently purchased a top of the line Kia Telluride from Moe. We had originally asked to be put on the list to order a Telluride October 2020 and found out the list was quite long due to the popularity and scarcity of the vehicle. We were willing to wait the approximately 9 months to get the car at MSRP as we were not immediately in need of a new car. Moe was recommended by several people on an online Telluride forum and after communicating with him regularly over the waiting period I can see why. He was always quick to respond and informative. When we heard the car was finally going to be delivered we met him for the first time. Our experience at the dealership was streamlined and helpful. Moe was very thorough in explaining all the features of our new Telluride. For my first experience buying a new car this was quite painless, though I'm sure that was helped by having an appointment set up and an already agreed upon price. Thanks so much Moe!
Caleb S., from Yelp

"Great Car Purchasing Experience" 

Last November, my wife and I reached out to Moe @ Hilltop Kia to purchase a Kia Telluride SX (Prestige and Nightfall Package), customized to our spec.  When other dealerships didn't want to work with us, Hilltop Kia did.  From the first time reaching out to Moe (Internet Sales Manager) he was friendly, direct, and informative.  He provided all the information we needed to get the ball rolling to purchase our Telluride.

Moe always kept us in the loop when there was an update.  And always responded to our text even on his days off.  Soon after arriving at the dealership, Moe greeted my wife and I with a smile and warm greetings.  He knows his product very well and explained to us very thoroughly what the Telluride was capable of.  

Moe is the man! Very knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, attentive, and just a nice guy all around.  It was a great car purchasing experience with Hilltop Kia.  The customer service that Moe provided was top tier and A1! Thank you Moe!
Dru M., from Yelp

"Great Customer Service" 

Moe was the best! Very helpful and great customer service. I lucked out and bought the Kia Telluride when a customer, who ordered almost a year ago, decided not to buy it. I couldn't be happier with this car. Luxury SUV at a more affordable prices. Felt I got a very fair deal. Go to Moe!
Lisa H., from Yelp

"Exceed Expectations" 

A big shout-out to Moe at Hilltop Kia!

It was high time for my wife and me to replace our aging SUV (a 2000 Mercedes ML320), and after researching a suitable replacement, we decided on the Kia Telluride (SX-P AWD with tow).

We quickly discovered how incredibly difficult it was to get just what we wanted in terms of our exterior and interior color choice, and knew we would need to order and wait, and that's where we found Moe at Hilltop Kia!

I discovered Moe by researching the Kia Telluride Forum ( where all who dealt with Moe had nothing but glowing praises of him for his straightforwardness, follow-though, and no-game playing, all of which I found to be very true. We began working with Moe late September 2020 and had our name and our spec'd Telluride added to Hilltop's long list of others wanting a Telluride. Moe was completely upfront in telling us how long it could take to get our Telluride - he didn't sugarcoat anything. He assured me there would not be any "extras" or "surprises" to our agreed upon price, and at the end, when ours arrived and we signed the papers for our 2022 Telluride, it was just as Moe said!

Through the process of my order Moe was always available to me for updates and any questions I had. We communicated once or twice monthly, and our conversations were always pleasant and fun. My wife and I are very discerning buyers and in my line of business I can readily recognize quality customer service - Moe certainly stood out in providing quality service, in fact, he exceeded our expectations.

If you are looking to purchase a new Kia or Ford and live in proximity to Hilltop Kia (or Ford), give Moe a call at (510) 230-9198 and start the conversation - you'll be happy you did!
F. J. J., from Yelp

"Smooth and Swift" 

We went in today to pick up our Kia K5 GT in Wolf Gray with the help and coordination of Moe! Everything was smooth and swift. I couldn't have asked for another person to ask for assistance. We started communicating via text messages. Moe was able to secure the vehicle for me even though there were potential buyers through a quick phone call. He made sure my guests and I were comfortable throughout the process and answered any questions/concerns that we had. We didn't feel like we got blindsided by extra fees at all. Moe definitely looked out for us!

We highly recommend making your business with Moe if you stop by Hilltop Kia!
Lam D., from Yelp

"Worked Out Perfectly" 

Big shout out to Moe for his amazing customer service! I contacted him on Tuesday/Wednesday and was in on Friday leaving in my new 2021 Kia Sorento! Let's just say I got lucky on the color, model trim, and price. It was exactly what I wanted and it all worked out perfectly!!
Cynthia T., from Yelp

"Got In and Out" 

Moe was my salesman and he helped me throughout the whole process from ordering to pick up. He kept me up-to-date through emails/texts and even followed up after I drove home. When picking up the car, he got me in and out within 1.5 hour including a 10 min test drive. I would definitely recommend talking to Moe if you're looking to buy a Kia.
Kevin L., from Yelp

"Great Example Of What A True and Honest Salesman Should Be" 

Yesterday I picked up my 2021 Telluride from this dealership. I was looking for a new suv ride that has lots of space and test drove a few. I fell in love with the new telluride and found out that it's the top  one pick from the car and driver magazine. Most Kia dealership took advantage of this and started marking prices above MSRP anywhere from $3,000 - $12,000. The Hilltop Kia is the only one I have found so far that doesn't do the mark up.

I have nothing but good comments. The sales rep Moe has been tremendously helpful. Quick to respond with texts and very reliable with all my questions. He even followed up the next day.

Great job Moe! Pls continue to do what you're doing. You are a great example of what a true and honest salesman should be. More power to you and Hilltop Kia.
Rose P., from Yelp

"Deserve To Be Recognized" 

Hilltop Kia's service department staff is AMAZINGGG! I don't even write reviews but the experience I had with them was AWESOME and I had to report it! My engine was making a knocking sound, so in my head all I could think about was MONEYYY and how I would have to pay for this. So, of course I was extremely upset and I walked in there with a horrible attitude expecting the worse. So as I was ranting on the phone to my mom, Omar came out of his office to assist me. Omar approached me very politely and listened to every word I said without getting upset or annoyed with me. He really helped me calm down quickly and was so attentive! When Kia replaced my engine, he kept me updated with everything. I appreciate Omar so much, and now when I go to Kia's service department, I only want to deal with him lol. I am very pleased with the service I received from Hilltop Kia's service department staff. The service department manager was awesome too! I was so upset when I got there, that I do not remember his name but I do remember that he was attentive just like Omar. Thank you so much Omar and Kia's service manager, you guys are awesome and you deserve to be recognized!
Kareema S., from Yelp

"Delivered As Promised" 

I had to wait longer than usual for my car, which was understandable considering this was the most sought after vehicle.  Mo delivered as promised.  Even during COVID, they were professional and friendly while extra steps were in place to ensure the safety of everyone.  Thank you for the most bad ass ride KIA.
Lillyen C., from Yelp

"Will Be Back For Future Kia Purchases" 

Everything went according to plan and my Telluride pickup went perfectly without a hitch. I was in and out of there without an surprises or gotchas. Kudos again to Lewis and Carlos for getting me into my dream ride. Will be back for future Kia purchases for sure!
Kevin W., from Yelp

"The Best Dealership In All Of CA" 

The best dealership in all of CA. I worked with Moe, he was incredibly professional. I ended up flying in from Southern CA, because Hilltop Kia had the best deal on a KIA Telluride in all of CA. It's beautiful and I recommend this dealership to everyone I meet. Thanks Moe !
Mandie N., from Yelp

"Proved To Me That They Really Care About Customer Experiences" 

Took my car in for a recall, oil change and tire rotation. There were some initial hiccups but William the Service Director stepped in and very quickly fixed the situation. William jumped on a call with me directly to figure out how he can assist and asked for feedback that he can use to solve the few hiccups I encountered in the beginning of my experience. This proved to me that they really care about customer experiences at Hilltop KiA and I will definitely recommend customers.
Jonathan S., from Yelp

"Go To These Guys" 

I FINALLY got my Telluride after 8 months of waiting not due to the dealership but just because everyone wants this SUV and production was impacted during Covid. Every Kia dealership I went to wanted 5-10k over MSRP (which a lot of people pay) but I wasn't willing to do that.  Hilltop will order exactly what you want and charge you MSRP and their customer service was great.  Carlos, Lewis and Raoul all helped me out in the process.  Lewis took the time to go over all the features this SUV has (because there are a lot) and Carlos expedited the delivery for me as much as he could.  If you're looking for this sought after Telluride in NorCal, go to these guys!
Mandy W., from Yelp

"Truly Wonderful" 

My Salesman was John T was truly wonderful. The way he was able to demonstrate each feature answer all of my questions was excellent. He got me the car I wanted. Kia financing provided a great deal. The financing person Garnett was very experienced and pleasant and I can't forget Marlena she was actually the person making service appointments with me. She was so nice and professional.
Overall great experience. I would recommend anyone looking for a Kia to go there.
Jovelin R., from Yelp

"If You Want To Get A Kia They Are The Guys To Talk To " 

I originally owed a 2018 Kia Forte and I was happy with it but it wasn't the car I really wanted. Since the very beginning Moe helped me make the process easy and made sure to get me the best deal possible. I was very hesitant at first but he really helped make the process smoother. I'm so glad I saw the K5 and I'm happy to say I'm leaving the lot with a brand new car. Moe made me feel happy to be apart of the Kia family. He answers my questions and is very knowledgeable. Go to him or Carlos, the manager, for help and questions. If you want to get a Kia they are the guys to talk to. Happy Kia owner!!
Jasmine M., from Yelp

"Process Was Super Easy " 

What can I say!! Moe and Carlos have done it again!! I came to Kia with a old Ford and I wanted a Kia sorrento so bad. Moe and Carlos gave me a deal that I couldn't say no. The process was super easy and moe always knows what I want and at a great deal. I have been coming to Kia for years!  If you need Kia come see Carlos and moe. Also Lou was amazing. He explained the whole new car to me. And also top it of my little came and got herself a car! She traded in her old forte for a 2021 k5. Moe and Carlos always takes care of my family.
Carla G., from Yelp

"Professional, Genuine" 

I had a GREAT experience when recently purchasing my first new car. Lewis Belt is really awesome! Lewis is professional, genuine, and knows his stuff. He made my first purchase easy. He told me everything up front, and did not rush or pressure me.
When it came time to finalize the paper work I met with Garnett Thompson. He made that process simple, quick and easy. Garnett is professional and very thorough.
As stated before this was my first time purchasing a new car and the process was easy. I felt good going in and felt even better coming out! Thank you again. I love my car!
M H., from Yelp

"Communication Was Stellar" 

I had a great experience working with Mohammed Safeel.  He helped us find the right vehicle at the right price within a reasonable period of time.  His communication was stellar and I never felt like he was being dishonest.  Wish more sales teams were like him!
Tai Y., from Yelp

"A Pleasure" 

Taking a moment to thank the gentlemen who made buying my beautiful 2021 Kia Telluride such a pleasure. Thank you Carlos Orozco for making me feel like your most important client. Thank you Lewis for walking me through all of the amazing features of my new car so I would feel comfortable and safe driving home. You were so sweet and patient and thorough. Thank you Garnett in finance for the no pressure closing. Thank you Hill Top Kia for not being like all the other dealers in the area who are marking these cars up thousands of dollars over MSRP hoping to line their pockets. I am recommending you to everyone and posting more praises on the Kia Owners Forum.
Joanie A., from Yelp

"Would buy a vehicle here any day of the week" 

I would buy a vehicle here any day of the week!

Mr. Carlos Orozco is the guy to talk to. Pleasant, honest, low pressure. The stress was taken out of the whole experience and restored faith in not only me but my wife who despises car shopping. We had a good idea of what we wanted, and there was no pressure whatsoever from Mr. Orozco in getting a vehicle that met our needs. Other dealerships could learn something from Hilltop Ford/Kia, specially from Mr. Orozco! And the price... well lets just say that we met our budget, and we got a great deal and more than fair on our lease.

They've got a surprisingly good selection and you can tell this is no hooptie lot. If you're looking for a beater or tweaker car, (you know what I mean) this probably isn't the place for you. If you're looking for a down to earth family oriented business with top quality vehicles, go here Hilltop Ford/Kia. One other great thing is you get to see both KIA and Ford products side by side which is unique that they carry both lines. Finance explains your options but doesn't hard sell you on fabric protection and things like that. I'm glad I went with them and was able to support a local business.

A big shout out to "Moe", although he almost make me lose it in the beginning, but was forgiven at the end of the sale. He took the time to show the wife everything on her new car!!

Long story short, come check them out
Richard R., from Yelp

"Hilltop Kia is the place to go" 

Looking for a KIA, Hilltop KIA is the place to go!

We had the pleasure of working with Moe when purchasing our Kia Telluride. This was our first new car purchase in over 10 years and Moe made things super easy for us, especially since we don't live near Hilltop KIA. We mainly communicated through email & text and Moe was very responsive and clear in his answers.

When it came to picking up our Telluride, Moe presented all of the options/services available to add on with no pressure of having to get them. After signing a few paperworks with Moe (done in under 30 mins), he sent us to the finance building where we had the pleasure of working with Noel Ong. Again, presented all of the options/services we could add with 0 pressure in needing to get them.

Not having bought a car in a long time & hearing about sketchy stories and sales people, Moe & the Hilltop KIA team made this an easy and comfortable car buying experience! Would HIGHLY recommend heading to Hilltop KIA!

BONUS: a few days after bringing our car home, Moe texted & emailed just checking in on how we are liking the car and if we have any questions, that we could always reach out to him. EXCELLENT SERVICE!

THANKS again MOE & Hilltop KIA!
Jeffrey M., from Yelp

"Very courteous" 

The Hilltop staff was very courteous and professional throughout the entire sale process.

Moe was my salesman and kept me fully in the loop about everything during the entire process. He was friendly, attentive, and very punctual with emails. Thank you Moe!

I also appreciate being able to sign my contract digitally. Pickup time for the vehicle was dramatically reduced because of it, and we were out of the dealership within 30 minutes.

If you're looking for a vehicle, Hilltop is the place to go and also, ask for Moe (no pun intended). Lol
Erayna G., from Yelp

"Drove from LA to Richmond and it was a breeze" 

Picked up a Telluride from Moe. Easy transaction. Drove from LA to Richmond and it was a breeze. Everything went smooth and it Moe was very helpful along the way.
Jorge M., from Yelp

"Nothing but positive" 

Working with Lewis at the moment on getting a Telluride ordered. So far my experience has been nothing but positive. Out of all the Kia dealers that I've talked to throughout CA, this has been the only dealer that has been willing to work with me on getting the exact Telluride I'm looking for and not screwing me over with a market adjustment just because they feel like they can.

Kia's more recent cars have taken a huge jump in quality, but Kia dealers across the board still act like all they sell are fortes. This dealer is setting a higher standard for all Kia dealers and should be applauded for it. At the corporate level, Kia really should be setting standards for their dealers so that we as customers do not need to look for the "good dealers" and the "shady dealers".

Looking forward to receiving my ride when it comes, and will update this review when that happens!
Kevin W., from Yelp

"Went above and beyond" 

I just got my first car at this dealership and Raoul was the best, when going through the process! Raoul took his time to show us the cars we were interested in, stayed late, drove the car into the dealership so we can see the color, since it was dark when we got there. Overall, Raoul went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience! Also big thanks to Carlos with helping us complete our transaction, he made sure we got a good deal!
Jalilah S., from Yelp

"Fastest car buying experience ever" 

Moe did an amazing job getting us approved for the Ford Explorer that my husband wanted. He was very consistent, communicative and understanding. Made us feel very supported and very patient while we weighed out our options. The easiest and fastest car buying process EVER! We will definitely refer family and friends to your dealership. Happy Holidays!
Joy B., from Yelp

"Great customer service" 

Moe was our salesman and he gave us a great customer service experience. He was upfront, replied quickly and listened to everything we wanted. It was a pleasure doing business with him to purchase our new telluride. Would def go back to Moe and highly recommend him. Exceptional service.
Michelle N., from Yelp

"Least stressful car buying experience ever" 

There aren't enough good things to say about Moe at hilltop Kia. He's amazingly helpful - going above and beyond with his customer service. I know months after buying my car, I can always reach out to him with questions and he will always respond within minutes. I will also say that this was the easiest, least stressful car buying experience ever. I was in and out within one hour. No pressure. Easy. Highly recommend Moe and the entire hilltop Kia team!
Rina J., from Yelp

"We will be back" 

I recommend John Tomahn for his integrity and expertise in selling a car. He sold me my 2021 K5 Gt line. He effectively communicated, provided excellent customer service and got me the best deal on my car. This was not my first rodeo buying a car however, it was the first time that I felt like I wasn't being sold a car, more like being informed about a future purchase. Thank you John for your time and dedication to making this work for me and my family. I'm sure we will be back in the near future for another purchase.  

Future customers, if you are looking for a diverse and respectful environment to purchase your next vehicle , go and see the brothers at Hilltop Kia.
Patrick T., from Yelp

"I would absolutely do business with them again" 

Wanted a Telluride and shopped around quite a bit, probably reached out to every Kia dealer in the bay area and valley.  Tellurides are hard to get and even harder to not pay a hefty markup.  Reached out to Hilltop Kia and Moe responded.  He explained the situation to me and was patient in explaining my options.  We ended up putting in an order with them.  The car finally arrived after a seriously long wait, no fault of theirs.  They made the buying process very simple and easy, none of the usual back and forth.  Very clear on pricing, fees, financing, etc.  Traded in a vehicle and they offered me about what I expected to get based on all my research.  I am pretty OCD so I spent quite some time gathering information.  I always second guess myself after a deal but with Hilltop Kia I had no regrets.  I WOULD ABSOLUTELY DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN.  Moe was my primary contact but was not there on the day my car came in so I dealt with his colleague that I forgot the name of(sorry, I'm bad with names), but I have his card and will hold on to it for sure, he was stellar.  Lewis was also a great help as well as their financing colleague.  Everyone top to bottom was very helpful and nice and I never had a suspicious feeling that buying a car can sometimes give you.  I know this review sounds a little too good to be true but I am not embellishing or exaggerating.  Do yourself a favor and contact them and find out for yourself!
Philip H., from Yelp

"Friendly staff" 

Professional, courteous, friendly staff here in Kia service department. Came in after having my new 2021 Telluride for a little over a month. Couple of minor trim issues being looked at.
My service advisor Manny was incredibly patient, listening to my concerns and finding a fix.
Was offered a rental when I first came in, not needed I'll wait a few hours and come back if needed.
There's a Kia dealership closer to me. I live in San Francisco, but this is where we purchased and the staff here are stellar.
If you're looking for a car and want a good group of people to help you, this is the place
Shawn P., from Yelp

"There was no pressure" 

This review is long over due!! Recently bought my 2021 Seltos from Kia in Hilltop. Moe was my salesman and he is GREAT!! He explained everything to me in detail,  there was no pressure, he was patient while I made my decision. The process from start to finish was quick, and easy. The document signing is all electronic and you walk away with a usb with all your documents. This is my second Kia I have bought from them and will keep going back!
Thank you team Hilltop Kia!!
Antoinette T., from Yelp

"Excellent buying experience" 

We had an excellent buying experience with Moe! Moe is a good guy, transparent about the process and price of the vehicle, didn't try to sell us things we didn't want/need, quick and efficient. He communicated very well with us via phone call, email and text. We were surprised as to how fast with got our Telluride and he sent a photo of it as soon as it arrived on the lot. We are very happy with the entire experience and with our family car. Thank you, Moe!!!
Gerri M., from Yelp

"Completely straightforward" 

We picked up our SX from Moe at Hilltop Kia yesterday, and it was easily the best car buying experience I have ever had by a long shot. From start to finish I was out of the dealership in less than an hour. No pressure, no hidden fees or upsells. A completely straightforward Telluride purchase at MSRP. In California nonetheless, which is pretty much unheard of. The paperwork was all done electronically, and I was handed a thumb drive at the end instead of 4 feet of messy contracts. An impressive touch.

Moe was impressively prompt and helpful throughout the 2.5 month wait, and even went the extra mile to prep the car for delivery in what was a borderline unreasonable amount of time.  all the way!
Brendon S., from Yelp

"Friendly & quick" 

Moe helped us with our sale & it was a great experience. Moe was friendly & quick. The most straightforward easy & fast transaction I've ever had buying a car.
Gina M., from Yelp

"Best car buying experience ever" 

I just bought a telluride at Hilltop Kia and it was the best car buying experience i've ever had!  Moe was a great sales man, very helpful, easy to work with, and most importantly honest and great about communicating.  I ordered the Telluride with Moe in July and the amount i paid last week was exactly what he told me I would pay in July (bought it at MSRP).  In addition, from when I placed the order in July to when I picked up the car last week, Moe would give me updated ETA times.  I had the same experience with the finance manager, Garnett, easy to work with and honest.  No one at Hilltop tried to upsell me or gave me misleading information.  I would highly recommend Moe & Garnett at Hilltop Kia
Gibi G., from Yelp

"Fantastic experience" 

I had a fantastic experience at Hilltop Kia. I recently purchased a 2021 Kia Telluride. If you aren't familiar with the Telluride it is a newer SUV from Kia that is in high demand.

I had the pleasure of working with Raoul Fulcher Jr. Most of my communication with Raoul was via phone, email, and text messages. The car was an order that was delayed due to Covid. Raoul constantly updated me on the status of the vehicle and it's estimated arrival. Communicating with Raoul was easy and seamless and he was always quick to reply to any questions I had. When the vehicle arrived, I got to meet Raoul in person and he was every bit as awesome as he was over the phone.

When going over all the options for the vehicle both Raoul and the sales manager, Carlos Orozco, provided me with all the options and explained them to me. There was no pressure to sign up for extended warranties or add extra options. They simply explained all the options to me thorougly and allowed me to make the decision.

Finally, when signing the paperwork I had the pleasure of working with Finance Manager, Noel Ong. Noel explained all paperwork to me and also presented me with all the options for financing and maintenance, including the service package. Once again, there was no pressure to sign up for anything, Noel just provided me with the options and answered any questions I had. I took the service deal because it's a great deal!

If you're in the Bay Area and looking for a Kia (or Ford for that matter) I highly recommend going to Hilltop Ford/Kia and asking for Raoul Fulcher Jr. Raoul even reached out to me several days later to ask how my family was enjoying the new car! Top notch service all around from Raoul, Carlos, and Noel!
Paul M., from Yelp

"Saved us a lot of headache" 

I had been looking for a Kia Telluride for over a month with little to no luck. Either dealers didn't have it or they wanted $5-10k over MSRP or we would have had to order or wait for one for over two months. I had been in contact with probably at least 20+ dealers throughout California, the west coast and the country.

That's when Moe at Hilltop Kia came to our rescue. He had been active in the Kia Telluride web forums and said he would sell it for MSRP (a rarity amongst California and most national dealers). I followed up with him and, amazingly, he was expecting one in that perfectly fit our color and trim needs. He said he'd honor the price. He took my credit card for a deposit, but told us we didn't need to charge it nor fill out any paperwork, it was ours when it came in. Now, that made me a little nervous, not having any thing but Moe's word on it, but that was all we needed.

Incredibly, the car came in two weeks early, the day after we called him! As we were in LA at the time and not in the Bay Area, we asked if he could keep it at the lot for a couple weeks until we could make our way up north. His manager gave the ok on this, which saved us a lot of headache over how to retrieve our car. In the meantime, I was still nervous about it being sold to some desperate Telluride seeker willing to pay $10k over asking. But everything went exactly as Moe said.

It was ready for us on the day we rolled into town, washed and cleaned, and we paid MSRP, as promised, for it. We love our new ride and Moe has a lifelong fan in us now. Ask for Moe, accept no substitutes!
Brent H., from Yelp

"Pleasure to work with" 

If you're in the market for a new or used Ford or Kia in the Bay Area, Moe at Hilltop Kia / Ford is simply the best. Today was our 4th vehicle we have got from Moe, and we won't go anywhere else. Moe is a pleasure to work with every time, literally has made time for us day or night, running numbers for us, looking up info, have never in my life had anyone in a sales department go out of his way like he has. Moe has forever earned our trust and business, and he should have yours too! Thanks again Moe!
Cameron M., from Yelp

"Very easy experience" 

I just bought a car from Hilltop, and it was a very easy experience. I spoke to several of the salespeople on the phone before purchasing, and each time they were courteous and helpful. Plus they ultimately gave me a great price. After some less-than pleasant experiences elsewhere, I was happy to find the exact car I wanted there, where the customer service was great from the start. Moe was excellent to work with, as were Noel, Carlos, and Shawn.

Hoping that my new Kia holds up well!
Aliyah K., from Yelp

"True professional" 

Last week I received my brand new beautiful Kia Sportage. I love it! But the best part of the experience was working with Raoul Fulcher. Due to the Covid situation & after doing some research on my auto choices, I decided to do this from home. Raoul could not have made it easier & is an expert at home & "hands free" delivery.  During the process he was patient & never "pushy" either...and acted more as a consultant to me!
Raoul went above and beyond to get me exactly what I wanted down to
my first choice of interior...without me asking!! Raoul is pleasant, responsive & a true professional. Thanks, Raoul & Hilltop Kia!
Linda G., from Yelp

"Superb salesman" 

I got a new car!!  2021 KIA  K5.  This is the second car I've purchased from this dealership once again the complete experience was fantastic.  Raul was a superb salesman the car I wanted was not in stock at this location.  Raul  went the extra mile to locate my car and have it delivered to me.  

Mr. Garnet Thompson financial Manager quickly finished the process with all of his super fancy high tech equipment.  The complete team made my second purchase even more wonderful than my great experience I had the first time.   I lost my beautiful black Kia Optima SXL Turbo on Arch Friday the 13th but with my purchase of my new Sleek and sexy blackKia K5 I'm back in love again!,!  

Thank y'all
Jacqueline C., from Yelp

"Buying process was Fast and easy" 

Moe took great care of us. We purchased a Telluride and anyone who knows about that vehicle knows practically all dealerships are charging markups. Hilltop Kia did not. He was straight forward and honest about everything plus he's very knowledgeable. When our car finally came in, the buying process was fast and easy. We were treated like family and that's why we continue to come back for business. When you come to Kia, definitely ask for Moe!
Veronica H., from Yelp


I would not give a 5 star review if it was not for Raoul. Raoul made the car buying experience more tolerable with his courtesy and genuine pleasantness. The dealership as a whole I was not impressed with. Especially on the middle to upper management side.
Gabriel H., from Yelp


I recently purchased a 2020 Telluride. I spoke with several local Bay Area dealers and all of them were marking up MSRP anywhere from $3k-$7K due to the level of demand.  

I was ready to put down a deposit with a dealer when I received an email from Moe at Hilltop Kia which clearly stated in the subject line "No mark up. I have one available."  

I reached out to Moe but thought this was going to be some kind of "bait-and-switch" approach.  But Moe was no nonsense over the phone.  He described to me the two Tellurides that were being delivered to the dealership within the next few weeks.  He quickly followed up by emailing me the window stickers for each vehicle.  Again, I questioned him about the dealer mark-up above MSRP.   He assured me that there was no mark-up.  I came down later that day to put down a $1000 deposit.  That process took 10-15 minutes.  It gave me the opportunity to meet Moe and one of the dealer's Finance Managers, Noel Ong, in person.  They were both friendly and straightforward.  It was refreshing.

As I waited for my Telluride to arrive at Hilltop Kia, I went back to the previous dealers I spoke with and shared that Moe was not marking up the MSRP.  They were in disbelief and they refused to come down to the MSRP.  Further, they emphasized that I would likely "pay for it on the back end" via warranties, maintenance plans, upsells, etc.  

Less than two weeks later, I received a text from Moe with a photo of my Telluride sitting on the dealer lot.  I went down to pick it up and fully expected Moe to upsell me on an extended warranty plan or a maintenance package.  None of that.  He just asked me the following:  
1) Are you leasing or purchasing?
2) How long of a term?
3) How much are you putting down?
3) Do you want to take a cash rebate or go with a lower interest rate?
4) Are you interested in an extended warranty or maintenance package?  If so, which one?

There was no pressure from Moe or his team to steer me into a specific product.  I think it helped that I basically knew how I wanted to structure the deal beforehand.  Moe respected that. He didn't push it and he didn't waste my time.  We got through that portion in less than 30 min.  

From there I just had to complete the title, transfer & registration paperwork with the Finance team.  This process was really the only negative part of my experience.  Unfortunately, there was only one finance person working that day and there were four other buyers in front of me. I waited a LONG TIME just waiting to get the paperwork completed.  While Moe could have gone home, he stuck around through the completion of the paperwork to thank me and send me off.

Despite that, I still had a great experience with Moe at Hilltop Kia.  He was professional, straightforward, not pushy, and he respected my time (and my preferences).  I would highly recommend Moe to my friends & family and I would certainly do business with him again.  He stood out in comparison to the other dealers I was speaking with.  Highly recommended!
Ron M., from Yelp

"Rare combination" 

When you wish to learn more about the best-value EV and Plug-In Hybrid EV on the market at a reasonable price, there is one place to go: Hilltop Kia, and there is one person to see: Moe.  He is that rare combination of enthusiasm, knowledge, honesty and the ability to listen to the customer. I have rarely enjoyed the car-shopping experience, but this is the exception: a well-stocked dealer with great friendly staff.  Call Moe.
David K. - Corte Madera, CA
David K., from Yelp

"Very professional" 

Terrific dealer. Highly recommended. Very professional. Especially Carlos and Jon. Bought a Seltos from them.
Larry E., from Yelp

"Easy and transparent" 

I dread car servicing because I don't know much about cars and have no way of knowing whether the services proposed are actually what I need, or upsells. After putting it off forever, I was thrilled with how easy and transparent it was at Hilltop Kia. I was able to call ahead of time to understand what was needed, the estimate was reasonable and accurate, service was quick and friendly. What I most appreciated was that David went out of his way to answer all of my questions about what services the car would need next, how much they would cost, etc. Instead of feeling out of my element, I left better understanding my car and grateful for the help.
Julie K., from Yelp

"Courteous and offered safe services" 

Recently purchased a used Kia and brought it here for my post purchase inspection. They were so courteous and offered safe services during COVID-19. I also really appreciated the online payment/invoicing portal that is available.
Racene J., from Yelp

"Made you feel comfortable" 

Need a car go see Rahul and Carlos these guys were AWESOME!! Told them exactly what I was looking for and they were able to get my deal worked out. They were super cool not demanding at all!! Made you feel comfortable and made sure you were leaving the dealership with everything you wanted. Definitely the place to go. After doing my research for over 6 months on the kind of car I wanted landing here completely sealed the deal for me.
Anii A., from Yelp

"Never pushy" 

Phil Cooper was great.  Getting car always seems to be a headache. But with Phil it really wasn't.   He would follow up but never pushy.  Made the whole process pretty seamless.  Very honest and so pleased with his service.  We will definitely come back when we need another car and work with Phil.  You can't go wrong with asking for Phil for your next car purchase/experience.Thank you again!
Stephanie J., from Yelp

"Professional, pleasant and knowledgeable" 

The lease was expiring on my 2016 Kia. While waiting for the last service to be done on the vehicle, I met Phil Cooper in the sales lot. He offered to let me test drive a 2020 Kia Soul and take it to Benicia to see if my husband could fit in it. There was no strong-arm pressure from Phil at all. He was professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. We are extremely happy with the deal we struck for a new lease and even happier with our new Soul. Thank you, Phil, for making the transaction so painless.
Linda F., from Yelp

"Friendly and helpful" 

Worked with Raoul and he was very friendly and helpful, walking me through the features of the model I was interested in, and answering all my questions patiently. Would definitely recommend to my friends.
Jian C., from Yelp

"Excellent customer service and attentiveness"

Like everyone who's had an experience with Moe, I had a very satisfying transaction! I have a tendency to be wary, and I did shop around before I finally decided on purchasing this car from hilltop Kia, and it was because of the excellent customer service and attentiveness of Moe!

I had called around to a lot of Bay Area dealerships asking for a Kia Sportage LX AWD in white. All the other dealerships said they did not have it or they had it in an alternate color. Moe was the only one that took the extra step of calling the Kia supplier and seeing if I had the car I wanted. He was able to find my car and in the color I wanted!

The other reason I purchased from him is I got it at the price and the monthly that I was looking forward to. Moe has got my patronage for this and future cars. I look forward to referring him to all my friends and colleagues.Again, excellent service and the one quality that a salesman should have is the ability to listen, Moe has in spades. A very professional and no B.S. Salesperson. Thank you for all of your assistance Moe, I look forward to buying my next car from you in the future. :-)
Carlo M., from Yelp 

"On-time no hassle"

I had an awesome experience getting my Kia serviced here. A gentleman named Omar helped me get the repairs I needed. In the past, I've had lots of issues with service representatives trying to scam me out of my money by giving me the run around about costs, but with Omar it was different. He was professional, friendly, polite and honest. If you are looking for high-quality service and peace of mind, I highly recommend you ask for Omar to help you with your vehicle. He got my car back to me on-time with no hassle. I definitely will be returning here with my Kia next time.
Sasha T., from Yelp

"Patient and knowledgeable"

I did extensive research before deciding to buy a Kia Soul, including test driving several used and new models at almost every Kia dealer in the Bay Area. Throughout the process there was one dealership that stood out amoungst the rest -- Hilltop Kia. Lewis was both patient and knowledgeable as well as pleasant and friendly. I never felt rushed or pressured and he was available to answer all my follow up questions to help me navigate the process of buying a car. Today I went back to personally thank him and he wasn't in. Instead I was greeted by Raoul who was equally friendly and incredibly helpful - answering my myriad of questions and actually taking the time to help me set up some features on my infotainment. Together, they made the process of buying a car painless and I highly, highly recommend this dealership!
Victoria R., from Yelp